Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love you eternal brothers and sisters!

Earlier this week I had said, "Enough of this Eternal brother stuff" something to that wording.  I had sent it to several of my close friends out of anger.  I did not mean to say that phrase, but it came out anyway.  The evil side loves to hear stuff like that.  They rejoice when things that are true are told that they are false and a lie.  They want us to think that we are not brothers and sisters. We are just on a planet to just live life and die without ever seeing each other again.  They cringe when they hear words of love and peace, such as "Love you eternal brother" or "Love you eternal blood brother".    This is special to me to hear or read it from a close friend just as me telling it to someone else.  That is why the evil spirits attack me because they know what good I do.  They want us no longer be close eternal friends and be bitter enemies towards each other.  This makes both of us sad when that happens.   That's what the evil force loves and grows from.
It’s these phrases make us remember why we are here on Earth.  We are one big family.  I know that we knew each other before this life as spiritual brothers and sisters and have come here to Earth and continue to be brothers and sisters after this life. Our relationship with our friends does not have to end here on Earth.  They will continue to live after this life.  I know that I will see my eternal brothers and eternal sisters again.  The bond is strong and evil cannot break it.  Truth is known that I will stand up to them and say "Love you eternal brothers and sisters".  "Love you eternal blood brothers and sisters"  "We will be eternal brothers and sisters forever and ever!" 

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