Sunday, August 25, 2013

Loving those who are gay.

My love for my brothers goes out to those who are those who live a different lifestyle than what I would prefer. They are much of my brother than a person who lives next door and is the same lifestyle I live. The only way we can live together in harmony is for us to get along with each other regardless of race, color, sexual lifestyle, etc. We need to put aside our differences and learn to love each other. The more we do that the more we will be able to get along and America will be free country. The more we hate and fight among each other, and then we will not have the ability to fight our enemies who hate us because we are Americans. 

I've made a change in my life and have been able to tell a person who is gay that I love them as a brother and as a friend.   It made him feel important and we need more LOVING and less HATE!!  Not romantic loving, but the love that says you are a child of God and we are all came from the same heaven striving for the same goal.  Yes, he is gay, but that doesn't mean we should stop loving those who wish to live that lifestyle.  It’s their life and to exclude them is wrong.  

If the Holocaust were different and included those who were all gay community, instead of those who were the Jews, would we feel the same horrid feeling that they did to the Jews?  Would we feel awful that they were treated in a cruel and harsh way by burning them in a furnace and throwing them in a pit? Yes, I would!  I would feel awful if that happened to the gay community.  In our day, have we come to treat the gay community the same way, by treating them differently?  We should embrace those who are in the gay community and treat them as our brothers. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Heading back to school.

Going back to school next week. I will be busy doing homework so I will not be doing my blog as much as I have done in the past. Thanks.