Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now go to sleep and something magical will happen.

As a child you hear that at certain times when we were young.  Now you are thinking to yourself what his he talking about? I'll tell you my fellow friend.

  1. Tooth Fairy - This is a fairy that will come to you in the night and take your tooth from underneath your pillow and give you money in return wither it be how rich the tooth fairy is.  It could be ($1.00, $10.00, 25 cents, or a 10 cents.) anytime you loose a baby tooth.
  2. Easter Bunny- This is a animal that is different than the rest of the animals of the world.  Its a special animal that comes to you in the night and will leave you chocolate, eggs, candy, etc in a basket with your name on it and any other goodies that the Easter bunny wishes to leave you the day before Easter.
  3. Santa Claus- This is a man that lives up at the North Pole and comes once a year on December 24 to visit all the children at night while they are asleep and will leave presents to open up the next morning. 
Now that I've told you the 3 types of magical beings that come to children.  What is one thing that is all in common? Give up?  Its the word NIGHT.  How interesting to know that they only come at night and not during the day when everyone is awake and doing stuff.  Now as we get older we learn the truth of these three magical beings.
  • Are we sad or happy that we found out the truth?
  • Do we continue on believing in these beings ourselves?
  • Do we keep the myth alive when we have children of our own?
  • Do we tell the truth right off when they are young, instead of making them believe in these beings?
As parents its your decision on what to do.  There is no wrong or right way to approach this situation with children.  You just do what you feel is the best thing to do.  I am not condemning to those who decide to tell the truth out front instead of the fantasy of them. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day message.

Have a good and safe day celebrating this day off from work and school. 

I'm glad that we have a president and not a king. 


Sunday, February 13, 2011

My valentine to you!

Way back when I was in elementary school I would hand out valentines out to my class mates.  In return I would get some from them as well.   Now that I am older along, with everyone else who reads this post, used to do the same when they were in elementary school as well.  We can still give out valentines to our friends and family members to show that they are still thought of and cared for. 

I know it is weird for me to wish Valentines greetings to everyone and may make me think I'm not thinking straight in my mind but, I'm going to do it anyway because I love all my friends and family.

On this wonderful day of love I wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Families are important in this life.

I don't no what its like to have children of my own yet but, I'm sure when I do I'll be busy with them. 

For those who do have children of their own are busy with them and dealing with work, school and church duties.  They struggle everything in their life to manage equally.  I know that families come first before friends and social life.  For the friends will come and go and are not living there at the house but, the family will always be there and will always need your attention.
  • Getting breakfast, lunch, dinner made.
  • Cleaning the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.
  • Taking care of pets.
  • Washing windows
  • Sweeping and moping floors.
  • Taking out the garbage.
  • Putting stuff away.
  • Helping with school projects, school homework.
  • Going to recitals, sports (practices, games, tournaments).
  • Reading a book.
Sometimes I forget that they have to do these things, not all of them but, at least several of them.  I have tons of time on my hands and wonder why they don't reply back then I have to realize of what I typed in earlier.  I know that they don't forget about me or want me to feel bad for I will be as busy as they are when that time comes. 

Spend time with your family (spouse, children, siblings, in laws, relatives) for they are only here on the earth for a short time for you never know when it will be their time to leave and head back to the home to where they came from. 

Families are being torn apart and when families are being torn apart the fabric of society falls apart.
  • Parents leaving their children in day care centers to long.
  • Children and spouse being abused.
  • No communication between family members.
  • Divorces happening more frequent then in the past.
  • Parents going on expensive trips frequently and forgetting their children needs.
  • etc.
Families are important to society as a whole and individual.  Parents need to tend to their needs of the children.  Their is greater love, peace, harmony when families are together.  Children are important and they are the future generation of us living as adults as this time. For when we die, they will be left in charge of the society. 

The Lord has trust us as parents to take care of his children while here on earth.  For if we do we will be blessed in ways that we can't imagine and when we don't take care of his children properly, then the wrath of the Lord will not be good and will have to face the judgement bar to report on how we did our duties. 

Love your children be there for them for they are only so young at a short time for then they will be in turn taking care of you. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being a good sportsmanship!

"He is running down the court ready to make a shot into the basket.  His team is helping him by blocking the opposing team, so they can win the game.  Will he be able to make it in less than 10 seconds on the clock?"
Once when I was in high school I played a bit of church basketball, with friends close to my age at church.  I would come in my yellow jogging wear.  I was ready to play basketball, even though it was not my favorite sport to play but, I realize that being part of the team that I would help my team win!

Due to the nature of me wearing all yellow every time, I got the nickname, "Sunshine".  I would try to participate in all that I can do for the team. 

Now the way it was played out then would not have been possible for TV or school viewers.  By what I mean is that I was given a handicap, sort a speak, when I had the basketball. 

  • The opposing team would let me shoot 3 times in the basket.  If it went in the first time, great! If I didn't then I would get two more tries. 
  • The crowd on both teams wouldn't give any negative or harsh remarks for what they were doing! They went along with it. 
  • My team was a great help.
The coach was the president of Young Men (12-19 years of age) and when it looked like I could use a time at the hoop of shooting a basket he would let my team know and the opposing team would get the hint and let me try to shoot some baskets.

When it got close to the end of the season of playing basketball, I did a great and amazing job at throwing the basketball into the basket. 

  • The coach yelled to my team, "Make a sun for sunshine".
  • My team would circle me like a sun down on one end of the court to the other end of the court.  Making it hard for anyone on the opposing team to force the ball out of my hand.
  • The score was close to being almost tied.
  • The opposing team was also on the deal of letting me dribble the ball down the court all the way to the other end.
  • As soon as I was within range of shooting the basketball into the basket, I did so and by doing so, I made my team win the game!
  • For making my team win, the next day during church services I was given a certificate "Most Valuable Player" with my coach teams signature on it.  For it was my deal of winning the game and I earned it.
If it was another type of environment, I don't think the opposing team or the crowd would have let this happen.   It just shows that showing good sportsmanship goes a long way and I'm glad that everyone wither it be the team players, the crowd, referees, and opposing team that it was possible for me to enjoy playing the game. 

Showing bad sportsmanship is not good for yourself or anyone else.  It just shows that you are selfish, rude, inconsiderate, mean,etc.  It hurts your self image as a person and everyone you interact with.  It is sad when fights break out due to bad sportsmanship. 

We don't need to fall into being bad sportsmanship.  Let us show the example the way to be around us, even if we don't agree on the call of the referee.  If it gets to much then get up and leave the game and let everyone else enjoy the game.

"He shoots and scores and his team wins the game, 20-18!" The crowd goes wild and everyone is happy for him regardless of what team he is on!