Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"He(she) has lead a great life.  He(she) was always thoughtful to everyone around them.  I'm glad that I was friends with that person. "

"All he(she) thought about was about themselves.  He(she) didn't give a care in the world about other people around them.  To bad they didn't have any friends."

I made that up of course but, wouldn't you like to hear the top part instead of the bottom part be said at your funeral.

I know its not Christmas yet, but it reminds me of Christmas Carol.  Its about Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserable miser, and how he changed.  He didn't like to celebrate Christmas at all.  No singing carols, no wreath, no Christmas tree, donating to the poor; as he put it Bah Humbug! One night as we was off to his bedroom for the night eating his late night dinner, an old partner, Jacob Marley, of his came to visit him. After the introductions were over with he told him why he was there.  He showed him that his life is measured link by link chain by chain and that he would share the same fate but, that his would be more heavy.  Ebenezer was concerned and wondered if there was a way out of this fate.  Jacob M. told him that there was a way to change so he wouldn't be the same fate.  That he would be visited by three spirits, (past, present, and future) all in one night.  Ebenezer didn't believe him but went to sleep anyway.  Each spirits came one by one and showed him his life (past, present, and future).   By the end of his long adventure he had become a changed man and was a better friend to be around and his fate was totally changed. 

Now we won't be visited by spirits (past, present and the future) to tell us of how our life was, is and what might happen in the future.  It would be nice but I don't think so.  But, the chain of our life is indeed link by link, chain by chain is true.  Every time we do a service we do good, every time we do something bad then we add a link to our chain and it becomes heavy after this life.  We will see all of what we did and will have no excuse to tell when you see your chain of life. 

How can we fix our chain of life? We can by being a good example to others around us, do service, help when needed, give a fellow hand to the poor, hungry, naked, lamed, those in prison, etc.  The more you do that the better person you will become to yourself and to those around you.  You will leave a legacy and that others will remember you and will praise the good things you did in your life. 

So then would you rather be a miserable person with no friends or be a cheerful person with lots of friends? You decide its your chain of life, your legacy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who is your Hero or Heroine?

The definition of Hero: A man admired for his brave deeds, Heroine: A woman admired for her brave deeds.

There comes a time in our life when we have to look up to someone for guidance, direction, someone who we can trust to follow the good things in life.  Someone who is able to risk their life in danger by saving a life, doing the right thing even though it may be the wrong thing to do. 

We have had heroes and heroines in the past: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington  and Mother Teresa to name a few.  What did these people do to earn that title of being a hero.  They stood up for what was the right thing to do even though they had enemies that saw different than what they wanted.  They knew that something wasn't right and had to change for the better.  They lived great lives and wouldn't change what they did if they were to live their lives again. 

In Disney Hercules, he wants to be a hero but he doesn't know how.  He has strong powers but is clumsy on how to use his strength.  He gets a mentor to help him to become a hero.  He does have his mistakes and saves the village from monsters.  Though his hero hasn't quite got to him yet.  He falls in love with a girl and the girl dies and he is sad.  He is willing to give up his life to save this one soul.  He goes to Hades and finds the girl and rescues her and brings her back to life.  Thus he is considered a hero then.  Now we know we aren't gods like Hercules is but he is hero because he was willing to give up his life for someone else to live.

Now in our modern life what would constitute a hero? I would say church leaders, teachers, relatives (grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, in-laws), family (spouse, parent, sibling), good friend, firefighters, police officers, military, etc. 

I would say those who wouldn't be considered a hero are those who have: taken money from others and spending it on their own lives, cheating on their spouse, getting trouble with the law constantly, full of hate and no love of mankind.  I'm sure we consider movie stars, sport stars, music stars, as heroes.  Now I like them to but, some of them have not shown what a true hero should be.

I have several heroes to look up to myself.  Though I know that if I need to follow a hero, I would follow Jesus Christ.  He has been through so much for all of us.  He is willing to do what it takes to be a hero. 

Let us find our true heroes and heroines today if not already!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A side note from my normal postings.

I would like to take a moment to say thanks to those who have been diligent in reading my postings on my blog. Even if you have read just a couple, few, some, or all of them.  At least its better than having only one person beside myself to read it. 

I think of an idea and I go with it.  Wither it be from an experience I just had, a movie I watched, a conversation I had, something I read about it or heard on TV, etc.  If the thought keeps nagging at me then I figure ok, I'll post that. I don't get help from anyone else but just my mind and the spirit.  I do a lot of editing at first before I publish the post.  Once I'm done editing then I publish my post. 

I know that there will be some that will be more exciting to read than others, as well as having different people reading it.  As with anything I type I will not please every reader that reads my posts.  Which is perfectly normal. 

I'm glad that my blog has reached out to family and friends. I try to not make this a one side, dominant deal.  I will not take posts of sides of the government, schools, sport teams, religion, etc.  This is an open blog and not just restricted to those of Mormon (LDS) belief.  This is open to any belief that is Christian, since I am a Christian that is the what this blog will be.  To be assured I will not talk about things that I consider sacred inside the Mormon belief. 

With me being married and in school I don't have the luxury of typing every day like I would.  I just type when I have free time on my hand.  So sorry if you would like to see it post like everyday or every other day.

If you  have any questions, concerns, suggestions about my post or blog, let me know by way of email.  I will listen and respond to all inquiries.  

I would like to end by saying my testimony.  I know that the Lord lives and loves us all.  He knows what we are going through.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet here on the earth and that he was guided by the hand of the Lord.  That the Book of Mormon is the word of God as well as the Bible.  That through the Spirit I am guided to write what I need to type.  That Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the world today.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just be yourself.

Ever get told this by someone, "Just be yourself", "Don't try to be someone who you aren't!"

In plays we dress up in costumes so we are someone that we aren't.  We wear makeup, masks, accessories, etc.  But how many of us keep on the masks instead of putting it away for fear we don't like the face we currently have?  The masks are supposed to stay at the theater not to take home to please our family, friends, co workers, etc. 

At times I feel like I have been wearing a mask myself, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this deal or it wouldn't be a problem in our society.  I may have said somethings that is not in my nature to say to someone.  I thought it was fun to do so, but then the mask got tired of wearing it so much and not showing my true face underneath my mask.  I had a friend asked me once "Why are you acting this way?" Just be yourself and you will make a lot more friends then not."  It took me a while before I figured this out for myself. 

I don't want to say that I'm not the only person who has worn a mask and not just for play costumes or dress up.  The ones that know me well enough know when I'm trying to be someone different.  At times when attention is wanted, feel hurt inside because of someone else, etc.

We are told that the way to make friends is to be yourself.  If you don't like a particular movie, video, music, sports, school, etc. or if you do like something then say so!  Don't try to please your friends in saying you like something when you clearly don't like it.  You will only embarrass yourself and your friends.  Plus the way you act, may bring in the wrong crowd that you don't want.  If you feel strongly about something then share your feelings, if you have lost a loved one (parent, child, friend, spouse, sibling, etc.) don't hide it let it out!

You will find that you will love life, be happy more, and have tons of friends that you can trust to be around and not be someone that you aren't.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9/11/01.

*Note: If you don't feel like reading it yet then you don't have to.  Talking about the events of 9/11 of that day.

It was a day that was like any Tuesday here in America.  Nice and sunny skies.  The sun has just come up to great everyone for the wonderful new day.  The airplanes were ready to load passengers and take off to their destination.  They were United and American flights leaving from the north east of the US heading towards the western part of the US.  A few of the passengers in particular had an evil plan in mind.  They were planning on destroying the airplane and everyone on it.  As we learned later that morning two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers bringing both of them down to rubble, crashing into the Pentagon and landing in a field in PA.  They were no survivors from the airplanes.  Though they were survivors from the WTC and Pentagon.

It is 9 years later from that horrible day that will ever be in our hearts for us that lived through it.  I may not have been in New York, Washington DC or PA.  But I feel the same pain for those who have lost loved ones on that day and knowing that will never be seen again here on Earth.  We know that on that day there was evil planned on that day.  We don't know all the details on why they did it but, knowing that there are people who don't like America or anyone else in the world.  All they care about is what they think is best for the world.  We are at the end of the world where bad things will happen and we know that it can only happen again just worse.  That life is not going to be a cherry blissful day, that life after that day has changed my outlook of life.  That I can't remember what life is like before 9/11 and all I know now is what life is like post 9/11 and will always remember that day in infamy.

We need to stand up for those who seek evil plans and thwart their plans if possible.  We ask the Lord to continue to bless America and that we keep our eyes and ears open and report any suspicious behavior to the local authorities.  If we roll up in a ball and let the bad people win, then we have lost and there will be no victory to cheer about.  We are saying that we are cowards and are afraid.  We need to have the strength to stand up to them, to let them know we aren't afraid that we trust in the Lord that he will protect us and our loved ones.  We don't always know the end of the world but that it could only get worse and just know that the Lord loves us and that come judgement day the evil people that did this horrible deed will pay for their crimes and they will regret for doing so. 

We must not forget what happened on that day and for those who gave up their lives.  It is called Patriot Day on most calenders for this day.  For that reason, say a small prayer in your heart that you will remember this day and never forget what happened on that day. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Work and Play

Today, September 6, 2010 is known as Labor Day.  Its another holiday to celebrate the end of summer and that change is in the air and to prepare for the fall and winter season.  On holidays we usually take time off from work and school and celebrate with our families. 

At times I believe we forget that and work, work, work that we forget about relaxing, taking a vacation and resting.  Yes, we are supposed to be diligent in working and not be slobs and be idle.  Work is good but in good portion.  If we work so much and don't take a vacation, we can be more less immune to disease, tired easly, stressed out, lose out on our family duties, etc. 

We need to take a break or vacation from work! That is why work most likely gives out vacation time for that reason,  a good worker is one who does that.  It helps recharge the body, heal the body from the stress of work. 

If we were to elimintate all holidays from the year here in America, we would become a sick country and become very unittigent. 

If you have to work for a good cause then do so, but please take a break from work and relax! Your body will thank you for doing so.

That's also why the Lord said to take the Sabbath day as a day of rest, to recharge the body so it can be ready for the new work week.