Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9/11/01.

*Note: If you don't feel like reading it yet then you don't have to.  Talking about the events of 9/11 of that day.

It was a day that was like any Tuesday here in America.  Nice and sunny skies.  The sun has just come up to great everyone for the wonderful new day.  The airplanes were ready to load passengers and take off to their destination.  They were United and American flights leaving from the north east of the US heading towards the western part of the US.  A few of the passengers in particular had an evil plan in mind.  They were planning on destroying the airplane and everyone on it.  As we learned later that morning two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers bringing both of them down to rubble, crashing into the Pentagon and landing in a field in PA.  They were no survivors from the airplanes.  Though they were survivors from the WTC and Pentagon.

It is 9 years later from that horrible day that will ever be in our hearts for us that lived through it.  I may not have been in New York, Washington DC or PA.  But I feel the same pain for those who have lost loved ones on that day and knowing that will never be seen again here on Earth.  We know that on that day there was evil planned on that day.  We don't know all the details on why they did it but, knowing that there are people who don't like America or anyone else in the world.  All they care about is what they think is best for the world.  We are at the end of the world where bad things will happen and we know that it can only happen again just worse.  That life is not going to be a cherry blissful day, that life after that day has changed my outlook of life.  That I can't remember what life is like before 9/11 and all I know now is what life is like post 9/11 and will always remember that day in infamy.

We need to stand up for those who seek evil plans and thwart their plans if possible.  We ask the Lord to continue to bless America and that we keep our eyes and ears open and report any suspicious behavior to the local authorities.  If we roll up in a ball and let the bad people win, then we have lost and there will be no victory to cheer about.  We are saying that we are cowards and are afraid.  We need to have the strength to stand up to them, to let them know we aren't afraid that we trust in the Lord that he will protect us and our loved ones.  We don't always know the end of the world but that it could only get worse and just know that the Lord loves us and that come judgement day the evil people that did this horrible deed will pay for their crimes and they will regret for doing so. 

We must not forget what happened on that day and for those who gave up their lives.  It is called Patriot Day on most calenders for this day.  For that reason, say a small prayer in your heart that you will remember this day and never forget what happened on that day. 

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