Sunday, September 3, 2017

Saying "I love you"

I just want to say that I thank those that have been followers of my blog all these years.  It has been a while since I last posted on this blog.  Now that I'm done with college and earned my Associates Degree in General Studies I could put it to good use and get me a full time job somewhere. 

Love is powerful and is needed for hate is being to much in the media and everywhere else.  Love is needed and will drive out the hate that has infested here in America.  We are all humans and need that love to feel good about ourselves.  Saying the words "I love you" has a big impact on the person you tell it to, that they know that someone does indeed care for them and feels great love towards that person.  I am grateful for those who I say "I love you" to.  Me saying it makes me feel good inside and makes the other person feel good inside.  Especially when having a hard day and they don't feel that anyone cares for them and need someone to make them feel good again. 

I love you!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A true friend.

What is a true friend?  A true friend to me is one that is there during the hard times when trials and challenges come up and need someone to vent to or just help you through this ordeal to get to the finish line.  One that doesn't leave you when life or your friendship gets tough.  The ones that do leave you are not your true friends.  They are only there just for show.  They only care about themselves and not about you.  A true friend goes beyond the normal and gives you an extra boost of positive energy to help you feel lifted up and not burden down on yourself.  Sad to say there are those who will take advantage of ones friendship and bring you down to despair and make you feel worthless.  You need to drop those friends immediately.

I'm 41 years of age and have seen a lot of true friends as well as fake friends in my life.  The ones that are true friends are ones that I know I can depend on being there for me and to help me during my struggles in life.  There are some that I consider more as an earth brother to me than as a friend.  They understand who I am and know me personally.  They know what I mean when I say something and not misinterpret it to mean something else.  They allow me to vent to them so I don't have to hold it in me.  Sad to say there are those who I thought were true friends to me and when the tough times came they were not able to hold on and couldn't bother being with me anymore.  They left me alone and not bother to help me up.  I do pray that they can forgive me and have had a few that have had their hearts change are forgive me and back to being true friends again.  Where for the others I have never heard from and just pray that they can forgive me one day.

I strive to be a true friend to those around me.  I know that I am not the best of friend at times and will make mistakes, but that I do have a heart that loves and I will not leave those who I have great love and respect for.  I will stay with you during your easy times and when it is hard times I will still be there and not leave you in the dust.