Thursday, March 22, 2018

A review on Duck, Duck, Moose by Pink Umbrella Books.

This story is an amazing story to be shared of all ages especially to young children.  It is geared to those of young child's age of learning to read.  The pictures and colors are absolutely fascinating.   I loved the rhyming of the words as well.  The words just roll together in rhyming in a great way of reading to your child. 

The message that is given is a great message about friendship.   Where at a young age where a friend leaves for a while and don't know when that friend will return.  I know for myself when a friend leaves, especially a great friend to play with, and not to have them around is lonely at times.  Trying to make friends along the way is hard at times and the result at the end is a great ending for goose that he meets along the way.