Thursday, May 17, 2018

Just be yourself.

I know that one should be themselves and not try to be anyone else.  I have been told that number of times "Just be yourself".  I know that at times I have in the past have done things that I normally wouldn't have done.  I have told myself that maybe I should just not say anything to anyone by no texting, Facebook, emailing and just not say anything to anyone unless I had to.  I realized that it would be lonely if I did that to stop all communication to my friends and family.  That after a period of time that they would be worried about me and figured that something was wrong with me.  I have tried that a few times yet only last about a week and a few days to where than I can't stand it anymore and talk to someone. 

I know that everyone is busy with their lives in doing schooling, job, church, family duties and that chatting with me is the least priority. 

I know that at times that I share my love to others in the way that makes me happy.  It feels me less stress and feel loved at the same time when I share my love to someone.  

Its hard at times because you can't please everyone.  Trying to please everyone is awful and is not a healthy thing to do.  That I should just be myself and if anyone doesn't like the way I am, than I just let them go. 

I do thank those family and friends who do care for me and appreciate me the way that I am.