Monday, April 23, 2018

We are all hypocrites in one way or another.

I feel at times I can be a hypocrite.  That I say one thing to someone and yet not mean what I say.  Such as when I say I love everyone in the world.  There are some people that I just have a hard time loving or even liking.  Even those who are my friends I have a hard time telling them that I love them only because I don't know how they will react when I say it.  As much as when I unfriend someone or treat someone in a bad way makes me think afterwords that I am being a hypocrite. 

Being a hypocrite is not really a good thing to be.  It is hurtful to say one thing to someone and turn your back on them the next second.  Such as saying "I love you" and then later turn around and saying to someone else " I don't really love them".  

I think we are all hypocrites in some way or another.  None of us are 100% perfect humans.  At times we say things we don't really mean and say something else.  Christ can help us from being hypocrites. We turn to him and try to better ourselves and less of being hypocrites to ourselves and those around us.

We have to be true to ourselves and mean what we mean when we say something.