Thursday, March 21, 2013

You are a handsome guy!

So apparently ladies can tell their lady friends that they are beautiful and yet us guys it’s bad for us to tell our guy friends they are handsome.  The guy may think, okay that is weird for him to call me handsome.  How come ladies can tell their friends they are beautiful and guys can't tell their guy friends they are handsome? 
I have told several of my guy friends that they are handsome.  Some have accepted the compliment and acknowledge that they are indeed handsome.  While others thought it was weird for me to call them handsome.  They have their opinion and I acknowledge to their opinion to not be told from another guy that they are handsome.  I tell my guy friends to let them know that they are indeed a handsome guy.  Not in any way trying to send the wrong message to them, but to build their confidence in them.  Yes, some are married and get it from their spouse, while others are married and don't hear it being told they are handsome.  Some are single and may think they are not handsome because they can't get a date or get married.  Some have a rough childhood and never get told that they are handsome by their parents. They grow up to be adults and have then a hard time believing that they are indeed handsome when they have been told all their life that they are ugly. 
I myself am a handsome person.  I have been told that I am indeed a handsome person from others.  Yes, there have been times I look at myself and say no I'm not a handsome person.  Though I know that is not me speaking. That is the devil and his followers that are making me tell myself that it is true that I'm not a handsome person and am an ugly person.  I brush that thought aside and tell myself, that thought is wrong, that I am indeed a handsome guy.  I tell myself that enough and they will resist on telling me the opposite for I will simply not listen to them anymore and not believe their lies. 
I know that I may hit some nerves and I know that not everyone will like what I have to post.  That is their choice and if they disagree with what I have to say then I will be satisfy with it.  I would rather be told that I am a handsome guy then be told I'm an ugly guy.  Being told that I am a handsome guy brings up self-esteem and makes me feel better about myself. 
I challenge you to tell another guy that they are handsome either by text, email, and call over the phone, or in person that the guy is a handsome person.  It can be a spouse, friend, sibling or a relative.  You do that and you will make there day as well as your day! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

All of 2011 links to the postings I did.

I am going to do this posting of all the postings that I did in 2011. I'll have 2010 and 2012 on another posting. That way if you have came in after I started and just haven't had time to read my earlier postings, I will have a link to them, that way you can read the postings that you may have not been able to read.