Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrating Independence Day!

     This coming up Monday is July 4th, Independence Day for us here in the United States of America! I'm so proud for the patriots who fought for their Independence from Great Britain in 1776.  They didn't know what was going to be in store for them.  They knew they were taking a big risk of fighting against the mother country, Great Britain, and knew they wanted to be free.  To live in a place that they could live the religion they wanted to follow and not the Church of England, to talk about what was on their mind about the king without having to worry about being thrown into prison or being executed.  They prayed about where to go and they went to a place, now known as America, that was unknown to many countries and knew that those who wanted to be free people and serve the Lord in their own way.
After the war ended and George Washington was up for President of the United States of America, the people wanted him to be a king.  George Washington was telling them that they lost many lives to live in this land and fought a great battle to get away from having a king be their ruler.  If they did have a king then everything they just fought for would have been in vain.  Though George Washington was willing to take the reign of being a ruler but instead of being a king, a president.

What I am grateful for as we celebrate this Independence Day:
  • Free to live where I want to live.
  • Free to raise my future children in a good place.
  • Free to do this blog.
  • Free to have friends who are willing to give their opinion on this blog.
  • Free to have a cell phone to talk to friends and family.
  • Free to praise those who are defending this country and willing to die to protect this country.
Lots of countries are willing to be like us here in America to have the freedoms we have.  For over in their country they are lead by a dictator who will not allow such freedoms to take place.  I would not be able to have any of the above things listed given to me if I lived in that type of country.  If a king were to take a place instead of what we have now as a president, we would lose our freedoms fast and would be in bondage and be treated like slaves.  We would cry and morn everyday because we took our freedoms so lightly.  I hope that day will never come.  For I would rather live in a free country, then in a place ruled by a king or a dictator. 

               GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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