Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pioneer Day Remembrance

     This coming Sunday is Pioneer Day, a state holiday celebrated here in Utah, which usually falls on the 24 of each year but, because of a holiday being on a Sunday we get to have a Monday off also.  YEAH!!! 

     Anyway what is a pioneer?  A pioneer is a person who is one of the first to explore a new region or subject as a noun; be the first to explore, use, or develop as a verb.  This is from the Oxford dictionary.

     So with that definition does that mean there are no more pioneers? No, that doesn't.  Yes, we think about those mostly of those who traveled long time ago in covered wagons and went through a lot of trials and hardships to get here to a new land which was later called Utah. 

     Not only are there pioneers from way back then in that time period but, also now we have pioneers today.  It may be a family member that you know of that has decided to take the step of being a pioneer.  They should get the same respect as the pioneers from way back then.  Some have risked their lives, been shunned from their families, friends, neighbors, etc.  just because they wanted to take a change in their life and be a pioneer.  Congratulations to those who have taken that step in a new way of their life.

     Take the time to thank those who have ventured out to be a pioneer if you know of anyone.   I'm sure we will have pioneers in the future as well.    

Happy Pioneer Day!!!

     If you haven't seen "17 Miracles" I would encourage you to do so.  Its a true story about a trek of pioneers along the trail to Utah and of how miracles were to shown to them along the way.  It made me cry when it was showing all the ways that several of them died.

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