Sunday, July 10, 2011

A bloody war and spiritual war.

A war that started when Abraham Lincoln was president of the USA.  It was fought over slavery rights and freedoms.  The North was free of slaves and the South was where slaves was legal to have.  This caused a war to start and has become the bloodiest war on the America soil to this day.  Brothers fighting against brothers, sons against sons, etc. just because they thought they were thinking there viewpoint was the right choice.   It was also the case that some of the smaller states wanted to leave the rest of the bigger states and form their own union.  Which also didn't make many people happy with. 

If you were to go back in time to the era just before the Civil War started and knew what the result was going to be, would you still have fought in the war, even if your brother, son, father, uncle, etc. was on the opposing side?

There was another type of war that started way long time ago way before any of us came here to Earth.  This was a war that started up in heaven.  There was a plan on who would come down to Earth and live the life they needed to and be able to help us return to heaven.  There were two people that chose to accept the plan.  One was the Lord and the other was Lucifer.  After they gave their reasons on why they should be the one chosen to follow the plan, the Lord was chosen to do so.  Lucifer was angry that he wasn't chosen and he was not alone for their some other of our brothers and sisters that felt the same way as he did and followed Lucifer as their commander.  As a result of this decision there was a war that erupted.  This was was not fought with weapons of guns, knives, tanks, etc. that is used in modern war.  This type of war was fought with words, thoughts and ideas.  The side that won was the Lords side and we cheered for we won and as a result 1/3 of the hosts of heaven went with Lucifer.

To the present day we are on here on Earth living our day to day trying to do what is right.  The side that went with Lucifer has not gone away for there are here on Earth along with us and they are trying so hard to make us not be happy, joyful, but, miserable, awful, sad and despair.   For this type of war is going to be on going and will never leave us.  What we need to do to fight this type of war is to do what is right.  We must be diligent in obey the word of the Lord and following his commandments.

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