Friday, December 31, 2010

Hope for the Future! Live for the Future! Welcome 2011!

What a Christmas this year was.  It was great being with family.  I'm glad that my blog for this month was to focus on the Savior, except the Pearl Harbor one, and his birth that we remember at this time of year. 

This year of 2010 has been a great year and looking forward to New Years Day! The day to celebrate the New Year of 2011. 

I was watching an episode of "Lois and Clark The Adventures of Superman" and it was about this time of year that we celebrate Christmas and the New Year.  At the beginning of the episode Lois and Clark walk into the Daily Planet and we notice
  • The two countries want to sign a peace treaty from the news report on TV.
  • A huge Christmas tree in the middle of the room with decorations and lights.
  • Clark's parents are in town and enjoying themselves.
  • Lois's mother is in town and feels good.
  • Jimmy is excited to have a girlfriend to come over to the work party.
  • Mr. White is happy
  • Lois is glad to turn in her news story for the newspaper.
  • A multi millionaire who thanks Superman for saving his life.
  • Superman stopping a family man, who robs a bank.
During this time the magical being, not from our world, has followed Superman and meets him in one of the elevator of the Daily Planet and decide to play a game.  We notice that the hours of 12:00pm-4:00pm repeat over and over several times and that Clark Kent is in this loop of repeating time.  As the story goes along we notice changes to occur
  • The Christmas tree keeps getting smaller and smaller till its like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with little life to it and only one ornament on it.
  • The peace treaty goes good peace to full blown war to who cares.
  • The parents of Clark get heated up between the two into arguing and Jonathan just about has a heart attack.
  • The mother of Lois starts drinking and doesn't give a care in the world.
  • The date of Jimmy looks more like a gangster of the street.
  • The multi millionaire gets angry at Superman for saving his life and wishes to be left alone.
  • The police give up on taking the guy who robbed the bank, into custody.
  • Mr. White is depressed that he didn't get to be Santa Claus for his two boys.
  • Lois gives up turning in her great news story for the newspaper.
Clark doesn't understand what is happening, that things are going good and head to being worse and awful. He realizes that Clark needs to change something and fast.  Clark Kent then talks to Lois and tells her what has been happening.  The magical being is loving this for he realizes that he wants to rule the planet and have Superman leave.  Clark Kent doesn't leave and Lois realizes the same thing for hope to be alive.  So then the next loop Lois and Clark fix the right and give hope again to everyone and at the end of the episode the magical being realizes he can't stay any longer and leaves. 

If we as humans don't have hope then what is life then?
  • Gloom
  • Doom
  • Despair
  • Sad
  • Miserable
  • Hate
  • Death
  • Lifeless
  • No color just blah.
Whereas if we do have hope:
  • Color
  • Life
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Fun
Ever heard the phrase, "Live for the Future"? If we have no hope what is there to live for? We would be in a state of mind that is not the mind to live.  Especially not the one that the Savior would want us to live.  The Savior knew that life would be hard but would be worth it.  That we would have hard times, challenges, trials, etc.  The idea of hope is a good thing to have. 

2011 is a year of opportunity, learning, growing, loving, caring, serving, etc.  If we have hope we can conquer the evil that face us, able to endure the trial, overcome the challenge, be a better person. 

Hope for the future!
Live for the future!
Welcome 2011!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Greeting/Message

                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS
                           TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND
                               WHO READ MY BLOG


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two phrases that are used during this holiday season.

Its amazing that at this time of year we here these phrases in song or just in greeting.

"Peace on Earth, goodwill to Men"
 "God Bless us Everyone"
What do these phrases have in common?  They talk about

  • Love
  • Sharing 
  • Not excluding anyone
  • No war or hate. 
  • That there is a God 
  • Look forward to the coming of Christ.
  • Peace of mind
These two phrases were written in a book and song so many years ago that they still hold true today.  Amazing that we only think of these two phrases at this time of year.  That for example, during the middle of the summer we aren't thinking of these two phrases at all.  Let us hope that we take into heart of what these two phrases mean to us and everyone around us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My family Christmas tradititon.

At this time of year and especially for this holiday, we usually have traditions that as a family we use to remember the holiday and make it more fun.  For after the presents are unwrapped and the day is coming to an end.  What are you going to remember a year later, 5, 10 or 30 years later? Are you going to remember what you gave to someone as a present or what you got as a present or remember what tradition you had that year that you still carry out to this day. 

One tradition that has started in my immediate family (parents and siblings) is about the presents underneath the tree.  As we were young and looked under the Christmas tree and see how many presents did I get, it got crazy.  For one of us would say,"Oh I got 10 presents and someone else got 3 presents." It took the fun out of it and realized there has to be a better way of concealing of how many presents one person received.  So to change that we have made up fake names
  • Disney Princess (Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, etc.)
  • Sounds (Pow, Bang, Zing, etc.)
  • Animals ( Cat, Dog, Zebra, etc.)
  • Numbers (1,3,4, etc.)
  • Harry Potter (Harry, Ron, Draco, etc.)
  • School Subjects (Math, Science, History, etc.)
You get the point.  We would make sure that in each category that we used that we have enough names in to cover everyone so no one would feel left out.  It also throws off from thinking that you may be that present but then you realize that its someone else. 

This year we are using names of Book Authors.  So we have a total of 13 names to sort out.  My mom and my sister is in control and makes a list of who is who so we keep everyone straight and don't open the wrong present for someone else.  We have done it for so many years now I don't remember when we first started it.  We try to not repeat a topic that we have already done in the past. 

You may post your comments on your favorite Christmas tradition to this post or by way of email.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Aside from Christmas messages, this post is about Pearl Harbor.

It was a war that made the USA get involved in WWII but didn't want to get involved.  Japan attacked the USA in Hawaii on a Sunday morning.  The military clearly weren't ready for the attack on that day.  We lost a lot of great men and women on that day in the ships. 

There is a memorial in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  You go there by boat and you get off the boat and walk to the small memorial that they have.  Inside there is a big plaque of names listed of who has died in that war.  You can also overlook and see the USS Arizona ship laying in its grave.  You can feel the reverence of being there just like you can know that its a memorial to those who have died there on that day.

Just as of 9/11 the attack in NYC it was a devastating blow to the USA and so was the attack on Pearl Harbor.  These two attacks have been awake to us to realize that we can still be attacked from our enemies.  That lives can be lost.  We must not forget those who have gave up their lives so we can still be free. 

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't be shy to say "Merry Christmas"

There are two posts from earlier in the earlier that I have done Christmas theme.  One is Christmas Carol posted September 28 and the other one is It's A Wonderful Life posted July 30.

As we go out this month celebrating Christmas let us not be shy or cowered of celebrating this holiday.  There are some groups of people that would like to take away this holiday and make it less intrusive from hurting other religions.  Sad to say some of it has happened.  Choirs are not allowed to sing carols that have the word, "Lord", "Christ", no Christmas tree instead calling it a holiday tree, no manager scenes, store banners that call it holiday season, etc. 

The Savior was born and it was a wonderful event to behold in our time of the world.  We should not be afraid to say, "Merry Christmas" to our friends and loved ones.  We should stand up for what the holiday is about and not shy away from what the Savior would do.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting into the Christmas Holiday.

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday, spending time with family and eating lots of good food.

Now we start on a big holiday called Christmas.  Not Santamas or Memas.  That it is Christmas, meaning we remember the birth of our Savior.  At times we get wrapped up in the holiday and forget the true meaning of the holiday. 

Here a few ideas to get into the Christmas spirit.
  • Visit Temple Square (Salt Lake City) if you are able to, if not then that is fine.
  • Read about the birth of the Savior in the bible.
  • Donate to the Food Bank
  • Give a service to someone
  • Make a treat and give it to your neighborhood friends
  • Go caroling around a neighborhood.
  • Do Christmas cards and give them to family and friends.
  • Read a book or watch "A Christmas Carol"or "Its A Wonderful Life".
These are just a few suggestions, you don't have to do all of them or maybe just one of them.  Just remember that the Savior taught us to love and serve each other.  If we remember those things then we won't be blogged down into forgetting the reason for the season.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday and is one that is with family, friends, and loved ones.  It is a day to give thanks to our Lord for what he has given to us. 

Here is my thanks:
  • Family
  • Good friends
  • Being a member of my church
  • Being a student at school
  • That the term is almost over
  • A good job
  • Having a house
  • Having this blog
  • Being here in this free land of America
  • Having a cell phone to text and call on.
  • Clothes to wear
  • Food to eat
  • Great co workers
  • Living in Utah
  • Being married to a wonderful wife
  • Have wonderful in laws
  • Being in good health
  • Have a car to drive
  • Know that I'm loved by friends and family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Having a bad day?

To those who think you are having a bad day, I am there for you. I want you to know that I'm willing to give a listening ear if you need one. I may not always have the answers, solutions, the easy way out but, I'm willing am to listen to what you have to say, because I care and love you.

I have had bad days myself and its hard when you think you are all alone and no one is there for you or understands what you are going through. That you feel like you want to cry non stop and just want to be left alone. Believe I've been there. I've had times where I just want to cry non stop and don't want to talk to anyone. Its grateful when someone is willing to listen and say nothing but just listen. Willing to give a hug, have a shoulder to cry on, say I love you, and is there for you.

I like to thank for those who have helped me in times that I've had a bad day and willing to help me.

When there is no one else to turn to, there is always the Lord. He is never busy, always listening, never turns you away, knows you and what you are going through, will not judge you harshly, he is our brother and Savior. He loves you even when you have a bad day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A tale of Don't Cry Wolf and Pay the Piper!

I'm sure we have heard about the story of the boy who cried wolf and the Pied Piper.
In the boy who cried wolf, we are told there was a boy who wanted to play a joke on the town people.  With that he made sure the town people knew there was a wolf by making a lot of noise and shouting.  The town people rushed out of their homes and businesses with their pitchforks and whatever weapon they could think of to harm the wolf.  The town people came up and the boy told them he was just playing a trick.  The town people were not too happy about this.  They went back feeling grumpy and irritable. 
The next day the boy figured he had so much fun the day before he figured he would do it again.  So he did the whole process again but this time he was louder and the town people came up and acted the same way the day before. 
The boy was thinking it was funny that he did it the third time and this time the town people was not taking the joke and staying in their homes and businesses.  Though a short time later a wolf did approach and the boy tried as hard as he could to get the attention of the town people but with so many jokes and false hopes the town people decide to not do anything.
For that reason the wolf killed most of the sheep and even the boy. 
In the Pied Piper, there was a city overrun by rats.  They would get into everything, (food, glasses, clothes, closets and anywhere else.  The town council tried to find a way to get rid of the rats.  The Pied Piper strolled into town knowing there was a problem and asked to talk to the city council to rid the problem.  The city council debated and finally agreed to let the Pied Piper in.  They talked and asked the Pied Piper if they would get rid of the rats they would pay the Pied Piper a handsome amount of money. 
The Pied Piper went outside and played on his flute.  He carried a certain tune that only the rats would only hear. So he solved the problem of the rats and drowned them into the ocean.  He went back to get his reward and the town council denied his good deed.  They were so glad for the rats being gone that they lied to him and had no desire to pay for the task. 
The Pied Piper wasn't too happy about that deal.  He went back to the town square and played the flute but this time it wasn't on animals it was on humans, (children) to be more exact. He played the most beautiful tune that only a child could hear and would follow the tune.  The children all followed the Pied Piper into a mysterious cave but only one child didn't quite make it. 
The adults were all feeling sad that their children weren't there anymore.  The town council felt awful for what they did.  The town council tried to find the Pied Piper again by sending out runners to find him.  They never found him or the children.
What kind of lesson do we get from these two tall stories?
The first one is:
  • Be honest when you need help.
  • Face the consequences of your actions.
  • The moral to this tale is Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth.
  • If you "cry wolf" one too many times people will stop trusting in you and not come to your aid.
 The second is quite similar to the first.
  •  "Pay the piper" means to face the inevitable consequences of one's actions.
  • Don't make up a fib to get out of a situation and promise to pay the person back and not do so.
We commonly hear the phrase, "Don't cry wolf", and "You got to pay the piper" But as adults we heard these when we were young as a child and took them to heart.  Now that we are adults we must not forgot the tales that have been taught to us.  For the same result of the two tales can happen to us even though we are adults in an adult world.  You will still face the consequences just as the children now do. 
I know that sometimes I'm getting told the same two phrases every so often.  Sometimes I regret it for what I did but, I know that I can't change the present or the past but could change the future by remembering these two tales. 

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    For those who have served in the military.

    Thank you for those who have family, friends or even yourselves who have served in the military.  I salute you and thanks for giving time and part of your life to keep our freedoms and sad for those who have died and didn't make it back home.


    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Your feedback post!

    Thanks for all your input and comments to me. 
    I know this is out of character but I would like to know of the past posts that I've done, which ones have you liked the most, or made you feel emotional, those you didn't really care much about?
    You can comment on this post your feelings, text me on my phone, email me at my email address or write a letter to my home address. 
    I know this has helped a lot of my friends and family in ways I can't imagine. 
    I'll continue to post for as long as I am able to and as the good Lord lets me. 
    Love you all!

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Go out and Vote!!!

    Tomorrow is Election Day! The way the Election Day is supposed to work is that we the people go to the voting booths, if not already by way of early vote, is to vote!!!
    If you don't vote then you have no say in who gets elected in a government position or what amendments get passed or not. 
    It is our freedom to where in countries that are still run under a dictator who don't have that chance.  The countries that don't would rather have the freedom like we do and be free and be able to vote who they want instead of who they don't want. 
    So go out and VOTE!!!

    Heaven and Earth

    I hope that you all had a great Halloween! Wither you dressed up or not.  I sure did.
    By the way my last post did have a personal experience after the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  So if you didn't read it, there is more than just the story of Sleepy Hollow.

    This thought most of you have seen already by way of text message or email.  But I figure for those who haven't had the chance to read this wonderful and deep thought, here it is:
    "In the eternal perspective we have known each other for eternity and meeting each other here on Earth is a reunion and continuation of our relationship."
    A friend of mine asked me what I get out of this, after reading this quote that I made up all by myself.  This is what I told him, that it means that I lived in heaven before I came here to Earth to a huge family of brothers and sisters.  I was sad to see them not know if I would see them again.  I got to know them and be able to bond with them.  To see them here on Earth is amazing and happy to me that we can continue on the relationship of being brothers and sisters.

    Saturday, October 23, 2010


    Since Halloween is not a major holiday to take off from work or school, I figure since it’s the spirit of the holiday I figured what the heck.
    Taken from Wikipedia: The Summary of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow:
    The story is set circa 1790 in the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town, in a secluded glen called Sleepy Hollow. It tells the story of Ichabod Crane, a sycophantic, lean, lanky, and extremely superstitious schoolmaster from Connecticut, who competes with Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt, the town rowdy, for the hand of 18-year-old Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter and sole child of a wealthy farmer, Baltus Van Tassel. As Crane leaves a party he attended at the Van Tassel home on an autumn night, he is pursued by the Headless Horseman, who is supposedly the ghost of a Hessian trooper who had his head shot off by a stray cannonball during "some nameless battle" of the American Revolutionary War, and who "rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head". Ichabod mysteriously disappears from town, leaving Katrina to marry Brom Bones, who was "to look exceedingly knowing whenever the story of Ichabod was related". Although the nature of the Headless Horseman is left open to interpretation, the story implies that the Horseman was really Brom Bones in disguise.
    Even though Halloween is fun and games, sometimes people take evil a bit too far.
    Once I was in Boy Scouts at a camping trip and there is this tunnel that is a long tunnel to drive through and has no lights in it at all and is surrounding by the forest.  One of the assistant scout masters thought it would be nice to play a trick on us younger Boy Scouts.  So the older scouts went off to the tunnel to set up for their scary trick.  Once it was ok the scout master took us younger scouts to the tunnel.  We went in through the tunnel one at a time through one end and out the other end.  It was my turn to venture through the tunnel so I came up to the one end and saw two other scouts on the other end, I shouted for them to wait up they didn't hear me and kept on walking.  Just shortly after entering the tunnel the older scouts who were watching me turned on their flash lights and rattled their chains and I was a bit scared enough to run through the other end of the tunnel.  As soon as I got to the other side of the tunnel I turned around and was positive I saw evil spirits watching me.  They were colorless and no emotion at all.  They were standing in a group watching me; as soon as I saw them I was more scared I was terrified to death! My scoutmaster stopped me from running into the forest and getting lost.  A few seconds later I looked back and the evil spirits I saw were gone.  It took me a while to calm down and had to go through back the tunnel to camp.  There was no other way to go back to camp.  The scoutmaster said he would walk with me to make sure there was no one to hurt or scare me as I was walking back through the tunnel.  The assistant scout master who was in charge of the trick was saying, "I was pretending to be the devil and scare the wits out of everyone, turning on flashlights and rattle chains."  After that terrible and frightening experience I learned that evil spirits are real just as good spirits are real. 
    At this holiday have fun and eat lots of candy!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    The Lord is in charge!

    We don't always know the will of the Lord but, that he knows us perfectly.  He knows our name, dislikes, stuff we like to do, personality, fears, struggles, goals, inside our heart, etc. There is nothing that is hidden from him or anything else that no other mortal person knows.  He can see the big picture of our life from the beginning at birth to the end of life which would be death.  He knows who we can influence in our life; the people that we can touch.  We have the option to choose and then we have to face the consequence of that choice.

    I was so wanting to work for the USPS at the building where they scan and read mail electronically.  I had training for two weeks to see if I was up to the task at working at this place.  My last day of training I tried as hard as I could to finish my tests and training in the allotted time limit.  But, at the end of the class I learned I had not finished the tests or training and was not allowed to continue my training for the USPS.  I was in tears and sad that I wasn't able to finish.  I was looking so forward to this job.  It took me quite a while before I stopped crying and realized where else am I going to work now.  The next day I got a call from my cousin, Bliss Allen, to come to work at the law office down in SLC.  I had heard about it and without any other job openings at the time I jumped the gun and took the offer.  Happily to say 3 years later I am still working at the law firm.

    The Lord knew that this is where I needed to be, that I wasn't supposed to work at USPS.  At the time being my mind was clouded and not realizing that fact.  Now in the present day I could realize that the Lord was in control.  Since I have worked at the law firm, I have made some new friends, been able to be in a good job, start up this blog and go to school.  If I hadn't taken that job offer I probably wouldn't be typing this post in my blog.   For my lawyer friend is the one that suggested that I start up a blog.  The Lord knew that this blog is what I needed to help with my friends and family.

    If you are thinking of school, job, friends, dating, starting a family, health, death of a loved one, anything for that matter; know that the Lord is in control.  You may not realize it right at first and it may take a months or years to see the results. Pray about it and if you get a good feeling about it then you should proceed with what you asked, where as if you get a stump of thought then or a bad feeling then don't go that way and go down a different path or it may be the one used most of the time is wait a while and the time will come when the time is right.

    Nothing is hidden from the Lord even when evil tries to thwart something that is good.  For good will always triumph over evil!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Love and Friendship isn't for sale.

    We see in so many movies of how one person is desperately trying to get the person to love them and be friends with them.  The way it usually goes is that the person gets turned down for the reason they are trying and learn the hard way. 

    Love is a great tool.  To love someone you care for them and want to do what is best for them. 

    Friendship goes hand in hand with love.  To love someone you have to be friends with them.  If you aren't friends but, strangers or enemies then there is no love and there is no friendship. 

    You can not buy someones love or friendship.  There is no price for it and you can't go to some store and purchase a magic spell to have it work on someone.  Some people just don't get along with others for some reason or another.  To use money to buy someones love or friendship is wrong and is not in harmony with the gospel.

    I'm not to say that I've been perfect in this aspect.  I've realized that friendship and love is once its lost is that it takes a long time to regain and sometimes may never be regained.  I've hurt some of my friends feelings over the years and some have lost their friendship and love for me, while others have understand my defaults and still my friend. 

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Christopher Columbus can teach us something or two.

    "Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492."

    What can we learn from this famous person.  Two things we can learn from him, courage and prayer.

    Courage: The time of his life that he lived the world was thought of as being flat.  That you would sail and then fall off the end of the world into space and never be heard from again.  He had figured that their had to be other life besides the land he currently lived on.  It took him forever to get a crew, ship and money to go on a quest.  He was able to finally go on a quest to find a land and bring back riches and gold.  He finally set on his quest.  He found the courage to realize that the Earth was not flat that he kept sailing and didn't fall off the planet as so many people thought he would.

    Prayer: He had been on the ocean for a long time and the crew was getting restless if they didn't find land so and would start a mutiny.  He was a religious person and prayed to the Lord that they would soon find land.  The next day they did find land.  It was not North America as we learned but he did find land that was not from where he left.  He did find Indians and yes he was a cruelty to the Indians. 

    He went on different other quests throughout his life and was poor at the end of his life and died without being married or having a family of his own. 

    I may have got some of my facts wrong about Christopher Columbus, but that I know he had the courage and prayer to do what he set out to do.  He knew that the Lord was with him and that we don't judge him for the wrong things he did.  We are no different then he did. 

    Happy Columbus Day!

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Its a matter of RESPECT.

    Respect for everyone.
    Elderly care.
    Saying Thank you and Please.
    To love your fellowman.

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Foul language is unclean.

    For us that have watched Bambi there is a scene in which Thumper, a rabbit, is reminded of a rule of the house, which is : "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all."

    For those who have played the game Taboo, its a game played in teams and you read a word on a card and are not allowed to say anything below the word but get your team to guess the word.  The word in this case is Swearing.  The undisclosed words that are not allowed to say are: Profanity, Vulgarity, Language, Bad Habit, Symbols. 

    If you haven't figured it out yet it is the post on Swearing.  Now I know I said earlier there will not be swearing in my posts.  Which you can assure I will not say a swear word in this post or any later posts.  I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable about this topic but, the problem is here and will not go away even if we don't talk about it and I will talk about it! If you tell yourself that I don't need to read this post then that is fine.  You don't need to but, someone out there can benefit from this advice to overcome this habit and feel impressed to discuss it.  If you just sweep this topic aside, well my friend, it will still be there and will not go away. 

    We all know what swearing is about and that it is a bad habit to get into and a hard habit to break. 

    I am guilty of this bad habit and not proud of it.  I thought it was cool to swear and see how my vocabulary is.  It had a bad effect.  It drove friends away then bringing them closer.  It was all I could think about in my mind and sometimes I had a hard time stopping.  Now I have stopped doing it for several months now.  I have been clean and not said a swear word by way of speaking it aloud, email or text.  There have been times when it has been hard but I keep my goal and figured this is not the language I need to use.

    Some ways to help overcome this habit. 
    • Look at wholesome media.  
    • Sing a song when the thought of swearing comes to mind.
    • Substitute the word for another word instead.
    • Ask your co workers, friends to not swear around you.
    • Think to yourself, "Will what I say change anything that has just happened?" most likely the answer will be no.
    • Be around people who don't swear.
    • Pray for help to overcome the habit.
    • When you hurt yourself say "Ouch" not a swear word!
    • Stay away from sites that promote swearing on their site.
    • Have help from friends to pray for you.
    • Do a group effort of friends that have the bad habit and make it a goal to not swear as a group.
    Now you can either cold turkey it or take steps little by little.  You will realize that your mind will be clearer and you will be more happier.  As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out!  The bad words you put into your mind constantly will come out of your mouth!

    The Lord does not like swearing.  He is one that will not make us say what we need to say but the same mouth that says I love you, Thanks, Your Welcome, is the same mouth that those words come out of.   The Lord understands your situation you are in.  He will forgive you and come judgment you will be accountable for the words that you said.  Sad to say that the mind is a powerful organ.  What we see, hear, speak will be in the mind.  If you repent of this habit the Lord will forgive you. 

    Thanks for reading this post if you are still reading it.  I know that not all my posts will be liked or loved.  But this post has been on my mind and it is a topic that would have come up eventually.  Like I said, I hope I didn't hurt any ones feelings and if you wish to comment you may do so but be clean about it or you can email me as well. 

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Be careful about judging others.

    We are told in the scriptures that we should be careful to not judge others lest we be judged.  Which means that if we are to judge someone then we will be judged the same manner as we just did. 

    Its hard to judge someone who is doing when you doing the exact same thing.  Which I am guilty of times doing. 

    Judging others causes hurt feelings, friendships to be broken, families torn apart, wars to start, to escalate into bigger problems that just started with one little incident. 

    We should apologize when passing judgment to someone especially when we know we have done wrong.

    The Lord is the one true judge and looks on the inward appearance while us as humans tend to look at the outside appearance and not know the reason behind the way the person is acting.  We should reserve the judgment to those who are in authority to do so.

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010


    "He(she) has lead a great life.  He(she) was always thoughtful to everyone around them.  I'm glad that I was friends with that person. "

    "All he(she) thought about was about themselves.  He(she) didn't give a care in the world about other people around them.  To bad they didn't have any friends."

    I made that up of course but, wouldn't you like to hear the top part instead of the bottom part be said at your funeral.

    I know its not Christmas yet, but it reminds me of Christmas Carol.  Its about Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserable miser, and how he changed.  He didn't like to celebrate Christmas at all.  No singing carols, no wreath, no Christmas tree, donating to the poor; as he put it Bah Humbug! One night as we was off to his bedroom for the night eating his late night dinner, an old partner, Jacob Marley, of his came to visit him. After the introductions were over with he told him why he was there.  He showed him that his life is measured link by link chain by chain and that he would share the same fate but, that his would be more heavy.  Ebenezer was concerned and wondered if there was a way out of this fate.  Jacob M. told him that there was a way to change so he wouldn't be the same fate.  That he would be visited by three spirits, (past, present, and future) all in one night.  Ebenezer didn't believe him but went to sleep anyway.  Each spirits came one by one and showed him his life (past, present, and future).   By the end of his long adventure he had become a changed man and was a better friend to be around and his fate was totally changed. 

    Now we won't be visited by spirits (past, present and the future) to tell us of how our life was, is and what might happen in the future.  It would be nice but I don't think so.  But, the chain of our life is indeed link by link, chain by chain is true.  Every time we do a service we do good, every time we do something bad then we add a link to our chain and it becomes heavy after this life.  We will see all of what we did and will have no excuse to tell when you see your chain of life. 

    How can we fix our chain of life? We can by being a good example to others around us, do service, help when needed, give a fellow hand to the poor, hungry, naked, lamed, those in prison, etc.  The more you do that the better person you will become to yourself and to those around you.  You will leave a legacy and that others will remember you and will praise the good things you did in your life. 

    So then would you rather be a miserable person with no friends or be a cheerful person with lots of friends? You decide its your chain of life, your legacy.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Who is your Hero or Heroine?

    The definition of Hero: A man admired for his brave deeds, Heroine: A woman admired for her brave deeds.

    There comes a time in our life when we have to look up to someone for guidance, direction, someone who we can trust to follow the good things in life.  Someone who is able to risk their life in danger by saving a life, doing the right thing even though it may be the wrong thing to do. 

    We have had heroes and heroines in the past: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington  and Mother Teresa to name a few.  What did these people do to earn that title of being a hero.  They stood up for what was the right thing to do even though they had enemies that saw different than what they wanted.  They knew that something wasn't right and had to change for the better.  They lived great lives and wouldn't change what they did if they were to live their lives again. 

    In Disney Hercules, he wants to be a hero but he doesn't know how.  He has strong powers but is clumsy on how to use his strength.  He gets a mentor to help him to become a hero.  He does have his mistakes and saves the village from monsters.  Though his hero hasn't quite got to him yet.  He falls in love with a girl and the girl dies and he is sad.  He is willing to give up his life to save this one soul.  He goes to Hades and finds the girl and rescues her and brings her back to life.  Thus he is considered a hero then.  Now we know we aren't gods like Hercules is but he is hero because he was willing to give up his life for someone else to live.

    Now in our modern life what would constitute a hero? I would say church leaders, teachers, relatives (grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, in-laws), family (spouse, parent, sibling), good friend, firefighters, police officers, military, etc. 

    I would say those who wouldn't be considered a hero are those who have: taken money from others and spending it on their own lives, cheating on their spouse, getting trouble with the law constantly, full of hate and no love of mankind.  I'm sure we consider movie stars, sport stars, music stars, as heroes.  Now I like them to but, some of them have not shown what a true hero should be.

    I have several heroes to look up to myself.  Though I know that if I need to follow a hero, I would follow Jesus Christ.  He has been through so much for all of us.  He is willing to do what it takes to be a hero. 

    Let us find our true heroes and heroines today if not already!

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    A side note from my normal postings.

    I would like to take a moment to say thanks to those who have been diligent in reading my postings on my blog. Even if you have read just a couple, few, some, or all of them.  At least its better than having only one person beside myself to read it. 

    I think of an idea and I go with it.  Wither it be from an experience I just had, a movie I watched, a conversation I had, something I read about it or heard on TV, etc.  If the thought keeps nagging at me then I figure ok, I'll post that. I don't get help from anyone else but just my mind and the spirit.  I do a lot of editing at first before I publish the post.  Once I'm done editing then I publish my post. 

    I know that there will be some that will be more exciting to read than others, as well as having different people reading it.  As with anything I type I will not please every reader that reads my posts.  Which is perfectly normal. 

    I'm glad that my blog has reached out to family and friends. I try to not make this a one side, dominant deal.  I will not take posts of sides of the government, schools, sport teams, religion, etc.  This is an open blog and not just restricted to those of Mormon (LDS) belief.  This is open to any belief that is Christian, since I am a Christian that is the what this blog will be.  To be assured I will not talk about things that I consider sacred inside the Mormon belief. 

    With me being married and in school I don't have the luxury of typing every day like I would.  I just type when I have free time on my hand.  So sorry if you would like to see it post like everyday or every other day.

    If you  have any questions, concerns, suggestions about my post or blog, let me know by way of email.  I will listen and respond to all inquiries.  

    I would like to end by saying my testimony.  I know that the Lord lives and loves us all.  He knows what we are going through.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet here on the earth and that he was guided by the hand of the Lord.  That the Book of Mormon is the word of God as well as the Bible.  That through the Spirit I am guided to write what I need to type.  That Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the world today.
    I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Just be yourself.

    Ever get told this by someone, "Just be yourself", "Don't try to be someone who you aren't!"

    In plays we dress up in costumes so we are someone that we aren't.  We wear makeup, masks, accessories, etc.  But how many of us keep on the masks instead of putting it away for fear we don't like the face we currently have?  The masks are supposed to stay at the theater not to take home to please our family, friends, co workers, etc. 

    At times I feel like I have been wearing a mask myself, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this deal or it wouldn't be a problem in our society.  I may have said somethings that is not in my nature to say to someone.  I thought it was fun to do so, but then the mask got tired of wearing it so much and not showing my true face underneath my mask.  I had a friend asked me once "Why are you acting this way?" Just be yourself and you will make a lot more friends then not."  It took me a while before I figured this out for myself. 

    I don't want to say that I'm not the only person who has worn a mask and not just for play costumes or dress up.  The ones that know me well enough know when I'm trying to be someone different.  At times when attention is wanted, feel hurt inside because of someone else, etc.

    We are told that the way to make friends is to be yourself.  If you don't like a particular movie, video, music, sports, school, etc. or if you do like something then say so!  Don't try to please your friends in saying you like something when you clearly don't like it.  You will only embarrass yourself and your friends.  Plus the way you act, may bring in the wrong crowd that you don't want.  If you feel strongly about something then share your feelings, if you have lost a loved one (parent, child, friend, spouse, sibling, etc.) don't hide it let it out!

    You will find that you will love life, be happy more, and have tons of friends that you can trust to be around and not be someone that you aren't.

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    Remembering 9/11/01.

    *Note: If you don't feel like reading it yet then you don't have to.  Talking about the events of 9/11 of that day.

    It was a day that was like any Tuesday here in America.  Nice and sunny skies.  The sun has just come up to great everyone for the wonderful new day.  The airplanes were ready to load passengers and take off to their destination.  They were United and American flights leaving from the north east of the US heading towards the western part of the US.  A few of the passengers in particular had an evil plan in mind.  They were planning on destroying the airplane and everyone on it.  As we learned later that morning two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers bringing both of them down to rubble, crashing into the Pentagon and landing in a field in PA.  They were no survivors from the airplanes.  Though they were survivors from the WTC and Pentagon.

    It is 9 years later from that horrible day that will ever be in our hearts for us that lived through it.  I may not have been in New York, Washington DC or PA.  But I feel the same pain for those who have lost loved ones on that day and knowing that will never be seen again here on Earth.  We know that on that day there was evil planned on that day.  We don't know all the details on why they did it but, knowing that there are people who don't like America or anyone else in the world.  All they care about is what they think is best for the world.  We are at the end of the world where bad things will happen and we know that it can only happen again just worse.  That life is not going to be a cherry blissful day, that life after that day has changed my outlook of life.  That I can't remember what life is like before 9/11 and all I know now is what life is like post 9/11 and will always remember that day in infamy.

    We need to stand up for those who seek evil plans and thwart their plans if possible.  We ask the Lord to continue to bless America and that we keep our eyes and ears open and report any suspicious behavior to the local authorities.  If we roll up in a ball and let the bad people win, then we have lost and there will be no victory to cheer about.  We are saying that we are cowards and are afraid.  We need to have the strength to stand up to them, to let them know we aren't afraid that we trust in the Lord that he will protect us and our loved ones.  We don't always know the end of the world but that it could only get worse and just know that the Lord loves us and that come judgement day the evil people that did this horrible deed will pay for their crimes and they will regret for doing so. 

    We must not forget what happened on that day and for those who gave up their lives.  It is called Patriot Day on most calenders for this day.  For that reason, say a small prayer in your heart that you will remember this day and never forget what happened on that day. 

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Work and Play

    Today, September 6, 2010 is known as Labor Day.  Its another holiday to celebrate the end of summer and that change is in the air and to prepare for the fall and winter season.  On holidays we usually take time off from work and school and celebrate with our families. 

    At times I believe we forget that and work, work, work that we forget about relaxing, taking a vacation and resting.  Yes, we are supposed to be diligent in working and not be slobs and be idle.  Work is good but in good portion.  If we work so much and don't take a vacation, we can be more less immune to disease, tired easly, stressed out, lose out on our family duties, etc. 

    We need to take a break or vacation from work! That is why work most likely gives out vacation time for that reason,  a good worker is one who does that.  It helps recharge the body, heal the body from the stress of work. 

    If we were to elimintate all holidays from the year here in America, we would become a sick country and become very unittigent. 

    If you have to work for a good cause then do so, but please take a break from work and relax! Your body will thank you for doing so.

    That's also why the Lord said to take the Sabbath day as a day of rest, to recharge the body so it can be ready for the new work week. 

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Being Thankful and Forgiving Others.

    I had a lunch with a friend this past Friday and was telling me of some good things he learned down at BYU Education Week.  One of things he learned was about being grateful.  The Lord has provided everything there is for us here on earth.  We should not go through life and not be grateful for what we have.  When we realize what we are grateful for then our life will improve and we will be a happier person.  There are some ways that we can do to help us to be better grateful.

    Long term: 
    • Writing a Grateful Journal. To put what you are grateful for that day or week.  For example, "For living in a house", "Having a wonderful family", "Having a compliment from my boss" etc. Then you can see as you write in it, that of how much stuff small or big that you have been for that day or week. 
    • Grateful Breathing You inhale a good deal and then as you exhale you think of a gratitude and say it in your mind.  Do it 3 or 4 times.  It helps when you are having a bad thought and will train the brain to automatic to think of that thought when that thought comes again.  Be specific in what you say, don't be to general. 
    Short term.
    • Write a letter Take the time to take out a piece of paper and pen and write to a specific person on how they have been a grateful person to you.  It will be a blessing to that person to know that they actually made someones day as well as the person writing it to know that the person is happy to be part of their life.  It would be preferred if you hand write instead of an email. 

    By doing these things your health will improve, your mind will be clearer, you will be more happy in life and have more self control over what your mind and emotions are.  You will still have trials in life but by doing this and being grateful will let the Lord know and will bless you ever more. 

    As you are grateful for the things you have you want to be a better person by forgiving those who you have hurt along the way.  Its sad that we live in a world where people may hurt someone in what ever way.  The old saying "Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt".  How many times have we heard that saying when we young? I know I have heard that saying many a times.  The truth is that words do hurt just as much as sticks and stones.  Saying to someone something mean hurts their feelings and enough times being told that they start to think that its true, when in truth it isn't. There is no justification of being mean to someone wither they be friend or foe.  Asking forgiveness is a part of the process of being sorry to that person.  It makes one a better person to say that they are sorry. 

    I would like to say that I'm sorry for anyone that I may have hurt their feelings.  I know that the Lord loves everyone and if we are to be a better people, nation, country and world, we need to ask for forgiveness for those who we have hurt and leave it up to that person to accept or reject it. 

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Education of life.

    Class is now back in session.  For everyone that is reading this is most likely taking college classes or just done with school.  We are told to have education to learn about the world, nation, nature, space, heaven etc. To be able to accomplish anything we need to study about it so we can no how to cure diseases, manage a job, raise a family, etc.  The other option is to lay around and not get a education at all and let life go by. 

    There is another type of school which is life.  We can't see the teacher but we are in school here on earth.  We do lessons, quizzes and tests.  We either learn from them and reap the reward or fail and face the consequences.  There is no recess or lunch break in this school.  The only thing we don't know is when graduation will be, for that will be when we have learned all that we need to learn and we leave this earth by way of death.  We then face the teacher and tell him of what we have learned and did with what we did our life.  We will have a full conscience of all the bad and good that we did.  We can not lie or hide anything from him so it might as well be honest.  What we want is A instead of F in life. 

    The Savior will help us only if we are willing to let him to help us in our school of life. 

    *Note With me starting school, I'll post when I can. So it may just be once a week instead of before when I had free time on my hands.

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    What a friend is.

    • Someone you can talk to with your problems.
    • Who cheers you on.
    • Is there for you.
    • Someone you can depend on.
    • Who makes sure you have a fun time.
    • Says " I love you".
    • Comforts you when needing comfort.
    • Willing to go the extra mile.
    • Can give a hug to.
    • Makes your day better.
    • Looks in the positive in you instead of the negative.
    • Helps you become a better person.
    • is the Savior.
    There are so many friends out there, good and bad friends.  Some will help you to improve yourself while others while bring you down and just use your friendship for something else.  Its important to have friends in your life. You don't have to do everything that I listed, just being there for someone is good enough.  I don't know what I would be like without any friends.  It would seem to be lonely, dark, cold world to live without any friends.  
    The one friend that we can count on is Jesus Christ.  He is our true friend that we have.  He knows what we have been through since our birth here on earth.  He has grown through our trials, disappointments, mistakes, errors, etc.  When we need a friend and am not able to get in touch with anyone, he will be there, the one friend that will never leave you.

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Marriage is a wonderful thing.

    "Love is in the air!" I like that quote.  I'm sure someone has said it in a movie or a book, I just don't know who said it. 

    This past Friday I went to a wedding ceremony of my sister.  It was great to see two people who fall in love to marry each other.  The life of being married is just a milestone.  Its the start of a new adventure of life along with another person.   Its a lifetime achievement to get to that point. 

    What is marriage exactly? Marriage is a union between two people a man and a woman.  They come to love one another and want to spend their rest of their lives with each other.  Along the way they do have stumble blocks along the way, since life is not always fair so is marriage.  Its not always happy and wonderful time.  There are times when a sickness, death, loss of job, loss of home, etc. which makes it sad but is a part of life and can't just have wonderful and happy times for that is not what marriage is.  It would be a fake if not to have those come into marriage.  With those times as long as the couple works it out together and overcome the struggle then the light at the end comes into view and rejoice that they were able to overcome it. 

    Do not let one struggle avoid thinking, "I don't want to get married and have problems." Well even if you are single you still will have problems.  That is what life is for to find someone to spend life with and start a family of our own.  Go through challenges, up and downs, sickness and health, its what makes the marriage stronger and that much worthwhile to be married.

    Marriage is wonderful and fun and yes I don't always like the challenges that come my way but I look forward with my spouse and working on it and seeing the light at the end and cheering on that we together overcame the challenge and still married.

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010


    • All mankind
    • Yourself
    • Everyone
    • Your neighbor
    • Is eternal
    • Is powerful
    • God
    • Your siblings
    • Your parents
    • Your spouse
    • Your children
    • One another
    • You

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Being funny with a joke and a tease.

    *This post is not to put any blame or point a finger to anyone in particular*

    Boy: "Knock, Knock?"
    Girl: "Who is there?"

    We all like a joke, don't we? What exactly is a joke, well the definition of a joke is "something said or done to cause laughter; a ridiculous person or thing." 
    Every April 1 is known as April Fools Day, how the origin came about is to ones own interpretation.  I believe it started during Dark Ages where there was a lot of gloom.  The citizens wanted to have a little fun so whenever a royalty came by they did funny things.  Like the horse in the driver's seat and the person in the horse's spot, a person feeding the chickens from the roof of the house, someone doing something upside down or the opposite and it was quite funny. 
    The other word that is similar to a joke is a tease.  The definition of tease is "playfully making fun of or attempt to provoke." There is a fun tease, where both parties laugh and there is a mean tease where one side of the party is crying and doesn't think it was funny. 
    Fun tease or a funny joke is great, while mean tease or a bad joke isn't.  There is an old adage where,"We love those who we tease for if we didn't love them we wouldn't tease them."  Amazing that we tease someone because we love them, just to see their reaction to the joke or tease. 
    I'm sure we all like being told a funny joke or a funny tease which to make our life better that second. 
    I know that we can't read minds of others and don't know how they will react and that I think we are all fault at times for not always making a funny joke or happened to be a mean tease which at the time we thought it would be funny but at the end we realize that it wasn't. 
    There is an imaginary line that is drawn and once we cross that line sometimes its hard to go back to where we were with that person.  Sometimes friendships have been terminated because of a bad joke and realize that it wasn't meant to be that way. 
    We should always think before we say a joke or do a tease that the other party will get the laugh that we hope to expect to hear.

    Now to back to that joke at the beginning

    Boy: "I've been knocking so long I can't remember what I was going to say."

    Friday, July 30, 2010


    We all know the story, "Its a Wonderful Life".  Yes, its a Christmas time story but that doesn't mean that we can only talk about it at Christmas or in the month of November and December.  Anyway, George Bailey, we follow his life as a young kid and grows up to an adult.  All throughout his life he is always helping someone wither they be friend or family.
    On Christmas Eve George jumps off and Clarence, the angel 2nd Class, comes and rescues George from killing himself.  He asks George what is the wish he wants and George replies," I wish I had never been born." 
    Clarence says to George that the wish has been granted.  George Bailey has never been born. 
    • No Zulu's petals
    • No ID,
    • No Credit Cards,
    • No Social Security Number,
    • No Drivers License,
    • No car keys,
    • No missing $1,000,
    • No warrant out for his arrest from Mr. Potter,
    • No house,
    • No car,
    • No damaged ear and can hear in both ears now,
    • No Building and Loan,
    • Not friends with Bert the policeman and Ernie the cab driver, 
    • No dent in the tree that he crashed into,
    • Bedford Falls is called Pottersville and is home to nightclubs and pawn shops;
    • Bailey Park was never built;
    • Mr. Gower was convicted of poisoning the child and spent many years in prison;
    • Martini  no longer owns the bar;
    • Violet is a dancer who gets arrested as a pickpocket;
    • Uncle Billy has been in an insane asylum for years;
    • Harry is dead, since George was not around to save him, and the soldiers Harry would have saved also died;
    • Mrs. Bailey is a hardened widow running a boarding house;
    • Mary is a spinster librarian.
    • No children of his own.
    George realizes that life is much happier with him being around everyone and saw of how much he had an influence on his friends, family and the town. George realized that life is wonderful and that being friends to everyone is quite rich in blessings than one can count on one hand.

    So what does that have to do with us, its only a movie, right? Well, if you would think of everyone that you had the influence on such as your parents, siblings, relatives, co-workers, friends, spouse, children, in laws, boss, organizations, church, etc.  As you see it dominoes of everyone you touch.  You may think that oh if I wasn't born it would only effect my immediate family and a few close friends.  Though as you look at it, you effect everyone you come in touch with.  If you haven't saved someones life for the better then who knows they could end up in the hospital, prison, mad house, death, etc. 

    I know for me I have influenced a lot of people in my life in various aspects and I know that if I wasn't there for them they could easily be on a different path right now that may not be the right path or that they would have just effected enough a little to show that you care for them and willing to show them that you do care for them and love them.

    So life is wonderful and live to the fullest!

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Life is a race.

    HONK!! The race is off and who knows what lays ahead of this race.  An hour later has passed by.  Approaching the finish line and the racer finishes the race!!! The crowd goes wild, cheering on the racer who raced the race. 

    Isn't life a race? Before we came down here to Earth, we were taught of all we needed to know of what challenges we would face and that it would be worth it.  Then as we come up to the starting line of life here on Earth we are born as a baby to our wonderful parents.  We cry for that is all we know of what to do.  We have a veil put over our minds so we have to be taught of what is right and what is wrong. 
    As we go along the race through life we face encounters along our path.  We deal with peer preasure, friends, work, entertainment, religion, government, etc.  We are taught from our parents and religious leaders of things to do to help us on our race of life.  We have scriptures, family home evening, love, friendship, etc. to help us in our path. 
    Sometimes we may think that a different path may help us to get to the finish line faster or quicker route to take.  Such as taking drugs, alocohol, stealing, etc.  Though they may seem to be harmless from far away but when we get closer we realize that this is not the way it is supposed to be, we should go back on the path we should be following. 
    The only thing with the finish line is that we don't know when its going to happen to us.  We just know the finish line is death on Earth.  That we leave this mortal life and become immortal.  After that we will see our loved ones that have gone before us and rejoice for the race we have ran. 

    I enjoy my life, sometimes its a hard race to run.  But with the help of loved ones and good friends it will make it worthwhile to continue on with the race.  I knew that life would be hard but that it would be worth it.  That God gave us a Savior so we can live life and be grateful for the wonderful gift of life.  I look forward when I reach the finish line to rejoice with my loved ones and tell them I lived a good life and finished the race!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Pioneer Day Greeting

    This Saturday is Pioneer Day.  I'm so thankful for the pioneers in the 1800's who came across the plains in the freezing cold to come to Utah and settle.  Some of those pioneers were my ancestors who crossed the plains.  They didn't have luxury items like we have now.  They didn't have GPS, I-Pod, television set, nice warm clothes, modern medicine, etc. like we do.  They had what they needed then, yes the stuff now would have saved them from dying in the cold, sped up the crossing the plains, but then where would the trials come from, and the "Come,Come Ye Saints" hymn.
    I'm sure they wished they weren't asked to leave or be exterminated by Governor Bogs.  But that's what faith came into play.  They knew that there was going to be trails for them and I'm sure they had heartache when a loved one died to weather or mobs. 
    Though they are happy of what they did.  If you could talk to them in person from a visit they would tell you they wouldn't give up anything for what they did.  If they had to redo it again they probably would change a little but overall I'm guessing they would have done the same things they did already.  They would tell us in our time to keep the faith, keep pressing forward, they are watching us and will cheer when we do something good and cry when we do something bad.  
    The pioneers are not to be forgotten but to be remembered at what they did and stand for. 

    Happy Pioneer Day!

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Falling asleep in church services, mainly Sacrament Meeting.

    I know that Sunday is a day of rest, from what the 10 Commandments tell us.  That we should take the Sabbath Day and make it a holy day and be rest from our labors.  For some reason when I was younger I wouldn't fall asleep as much during Sacrament Meeting but, now for some reason I'm so tired and exhausted that I can't stay awake during Sacrament Meeting.  I do try and stay awake.  I do sing the hymns and listen to the prayers but I usually lay my head down on the bench in front of me and just close my eyes but leave my ears open.   I'm sure there are several of you out there that do the same thing I do.  Try and fall asleep while we get told to stay awake and listen to the speaker.  The most embarrassing would be is to be up by the podium and falling asleep and making the podium go up and down to the speaker.  I hope that won't happen to any of us. 

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    A double deal of spirital thought.

    About a month ago one of my family pets was put to sleep.  It was a dog.  She had lived a good life and that I miss her.  She felt like part of the family.  I just know that I will see her again in the next life.  Even though dogs are not humans and never will be but at times they feel part of the family.  They are the kind of pet that knows will hear you out and won't talk back to you.  They are the ones to cheer you up when feeling sad or lonely.  I'm thankful to be able to know that there is life after this life.  It would stink to think that this life is all there is and nothing to look forward after this life is end.  I mean what would be the point to get married and have kids or pets and then when they die not to see them again.  That would be devastating.  I don't think I could live a life like that. 

    We are all here on this earth for a reason.  To help to return to live with our Heavenly Father.  There are times when we need help and for that reason he sends us someone to cheer us up.  We all face struggles in this life and when someone nice enough comes up and says something nice, does a smile, says hi, etc.  It does make the day a bit brighter and better that someone would go out of their way and make someone else feel better.  I know that I have been an angel to my friends at times.  As I'm sure you have been an angel to someone as well.  The Lord does hear and answer our prayers and I know that we may face a hardship but the fact is that we are loved and that with the faith and prayer we can feel the spirit of comfort and know that we are not alone.

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Stop and smell the roses.

    I want to thank you for reading my blog.  I know that its not fancy but its what I feel like writing at the time. I feel that its for me to take into heart as well as anyone else who feels that its for them as well.  If at anytime you feel like making a comment about what I wrote for that week, please do so.  As long as I have people reading my blog I'll keep on posting my blogs.

    This weeks is about the old adage "slow down and smell the roses". Which means don't let life pass you by.  You go by in a car zooming fast to your destination and then do whatever you need to do and then head back to where you came from and then repeat it all over the next day.  Its best to take some time to take a walk and see what nature has to offer (flowers, bugs, grass, etc.)  Nature and everything else is not to just place in our midst just to us ignore it, we need to take the time to notice it and realize that its for our benefit to notice, increases our health, notice the small things that we overlook when driving by.  So the next time you feel that you don't know what is around your house or neighborhood, take a walk and you may see something that you didn't notice before. 

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Not to be hard on ourselves.

    I hope we all had a good 4th of July celebrating our independence.  I sure did. 

    How many times are we hard on ourselves? I know that we aren't perfect and that we are supposed to make mistakes in this life.  When we are hard on ourselves, it doesn't do us any good to beat ourselves up.  We are only hurting ourselves even more when we do so.  We are not helping us to progress further into being a better person.  So the next time something happens, take it with a grain of salt and realize hey I made a mistake, I'm not going to be hard on myself.  The Lord would appreciate that and so would yourself.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Welcome to my first Blog

    This is my first time having a blog on this site. I will share spiritual thoughts, holiday messages and that type of stuff. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, let me know. Thanks.

    This coming weekend is the 4th of July. Where we celebrate our Founding Fathers who gave up their lives to have this free country that we live in. It is sad that some of our people don't know what the Constitution, Bill of Rights are and that I feel that our freedoms that we so love to have are slowly being taken away from us. I'm glad to live in this free land of America. Were I can say what I want about the government and not be thrown into prison. Be able to worship how I want and not be dictated to worship a certain way. I'm blessed to live in this great country and as long as we remember our God will we stay free. God Bless America!!!