Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love and Friendship isn't for sale.

We see in so many movies of how one person is desperately trying to get the person to love them and be friends with them.  The way it usually goes is that the person gets turned down for the reason they are trying and learn the hard way. 

Love is a great tool.  To love someone you care for them and want to do what is best for them. 

Friendship goes hand in hand with love.  To love someone you have to be friends with them.  If you aren't friends but, strangers or enemies then there is no love and there is no friendship. 

You can not buy someones love or friendship.  There is no price for it and you can't go to some store and purchase a magic spell to have it work on someone.  Some people just don't get along with others for some reason or another.  To use money to buy someones love or friendship is wrong and is not in harmony with the gospel.

I'm not to say that I've been perfect in this aspect.  I've realized that friendship and love is once its lost is that it takes a long time to regain and sometimes may never be regained.  I've hurt some of my friends feelings over the years and some have lost their friendship and love for me, while others have understand my defaults and still my friend. 

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