Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lord is in charge!

We don't always know the will of the Lord but, that he knows us perfectly.  He knows our name, dislikes, stuff we like to do, personality, fears, struggles, goals, inside our heart, etc. There is nothing that is hidden from him or anything else that no other mortal person knows.  He can see the big picture of our life from the beginning at birth to the end of life which would be death.  He knows who we can influence in our life; the people that we can touch.  We have the option to choose and then we have to face the consequence of that choice.

I was so wanting to work for the USPS at the building where they scan and read mail electronically.  I had training for two weeks to see if I was up to the task at working at this place.  My last day of training I tried as hard as I could to finish my tests and training in the allotted time limit.  But, at the end of the class I learned I had not finished the tests or training and was not allowed to continue my training for the USPS.  I was in tears and sad that I wasn't able to finish.  I was looking so forward to this job.  It took me quite a while before I stopped crying and realized where else am I going to work now.  The next day I got a call from my cousin, Bliss Allen, to come to work at the law office down in SLC.  I had heard about it and without any other job openings at the time I jumped the gun and took the offer.  Happily to say 3 years later I am still working at the law firm.

The Lord knew that this is where I needed to be, that I wasn't supposed to work at USPS.  At the time being my mind was clouded and not realizing that fact.  Now in the present day I could realize that the Lord was in control.  Since I have worked at the law firm, I have made some new friends, been able to be in a good job, start up this blog and go to school.  If I hadn't taken that job offer I probably wouldn't be typing this post in my blog.   For my lawyer friend is the one that suggested that I start up a blog.  The Lord knew that this blog is what I needed to help with my friends and family.

If you are thinking of school, job, friends, dating, starting a family, health, death of a loved one, anything for that matter; know that the Lord is in control.  You may not realize it right at first and it may take a months or years to see the results. Pray about it and if you get a good feeling about it then you should proceed with what you asked, where as if you get a stump of thought then or a bad feeling then don't go that way and go down a different path or it may be the one used most of the time is wait a while and the time will come when the time is right.

Nothing is hidden from the Lord even when evil tries to thwart something that is good.  For good will always triumph over evil!

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