Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foul language is unclean.

For us that have watched Bambi there is a scene in which Thumper, a rabbit, is reminded of a rule of the house, which is : "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all."

For those who have played the game Taboo, its a game played in teams and you read a word on a card and are not allowed to say anything below the word but get your team to guess the word.  The word in this case is Swearing.  The undisclosed words that are not allowed to say are: Profanity, Vulgarity, Language, Bad Habit, Symbols. 

If you haven't figured it out yet it is the post on Swearing.  Now I know I said earlier there will not be swearing in my posts.  Which you can assure I will not say a swear word in this post or any later posts.  I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable about this topic but, the problem is here and will not go away even if we don't talk about it and I will talk about it! If you tell yourself that I don't need to read this post then that is fine.  You don't need to but, someone out there can benefit from this advice to overcome this habit and feel impressed to discuss it.  If you just sweep this topic aside, well my friend, it will still be there and will not go away. 

We all know what swearing is about and that it is a bad habit to get into and a hard habit to break. 

I am guilty of this bad habit and not proud of it.  I thought it was cool to swear and see how my vocabulary is.  It had a bad effect.  It drove friends away then bringing them closer.  It was all I could think about in my mind and sometimes I had a hard time stopping.  Now I have stopped doing it for several months now.  I have been clean and not said a swear word by way of speaking it aloud, email or text.  There have been times when it has been hard but I keep my goal and figured this is not the language I need to use.

Some ways to help overcome this habit. 
  • Look at wholesome media.  
  • Sing a song when the thought of swearing comes to mind.
  • Substitute the word for another word instead.
  • Ask your co workers, friends to not swear around you.
  • Think to yourself, "Will what I say change anything that has just happened?" most likely the answer will be no.
  • Be around people who don't swear.
  • Pray for help to overcome the habit.
  • When you hurt yourself say "Ouch" not a swear word!
  • Stay away from sites that promote swearing on their site.
  • Have help from friends to pray for you.
  • Do a group effort of friends that have the bad habit and make it a goal to not swear as a group.
Now you can either cold turkey it or take steps little by little.  You will realize that your mind will be clearer and you will be more happier.  As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out!  The bad words you put into your mind constantly will come out of your mouth!

The Lord does not like swearing.  He is one that will not make us say what we need to say but the same mouth that says I love you, Thanks, Your Welcome, is the same mouth that those words come out of.   The Lord understands your situation you are in.  He will forgive you and come judgment you will be accountable for the words that you said.  Sad to say that the mind is a powerful organ.  What we see, hear, speak will be in the mind.  If you repent of this habit the Lord will forgive you. 

Thanks for reading this post if you are still reading it.  I know that not all my posts will be liked or loved.  But this post has been on my mind and it is a topic that would have come up eventually.  Like I said, I hope I didn't hurt any ones feelings and if you wish to comment you may do so but be clean about it or you can email me as well. 

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