Monday, October 11, 2010

Christopher Columbus can teach us something or two.

"Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492."

What can we learn from this famous person.  Two things we can learn from him, courage and prayer.

Courage: The time of his life that he lived the world was thought of as being flat.  That you would sail and then fall off the end of the world into space and never be heard from again.  He had figured that their had to be other life besides the land he currently lived on.  It took him forever to get a crew, ship and money to go on a quest.  He was able to finally go on a quest to find a land and bring back riches and gold.  He finally set on his quest.  He found the courage to realize that the Earth was not flat that he kept sailing and didn't fall off the planet as so many people thought he would.

Prayer: He had been on the ocean for a long time and the crew was getting restless if they didn't find land so and would start a mutiny.  He was a religious person and prayed to the Lord that they would soon find land.  The next day they did find land.  It was not North America as we learned but he did find land that was not from where he left.  He did find Indians and yes he was a cruelty to the Indians. 

He went on different other quests throughout his life and was poor at the end of his life and died without being married or having a family of his own. 

I may have got some of my facts wrong about Christopher Columbus, but that I know he had the courage and prayer to do what he set out to do.  He knew that the Lord was with him and that we don't judge him for the wrong things he did.  We are no different then he did. 

Happy Columbus Day!

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