Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two phrases that are used during this holiday season.

Its amazing that at this time of year we here these phrases in song or just in greeting.

"Peace on Earth, goodwill to Men"
 "God Bless us Everyone"
What do these phrases have in common?  They talk about

  • Love
  • Sharing 
  • Not excluding anyone
  • No war or hate. 
  • That there is a God 
  • Look forward to the coming of Christ.
  • Peace of mind
These two phrases were written in a book and song so many years ago that they still hold true today.  Amazing that we only think of these two phrases at this time of year.  That for example, during the middle of the summer we aren't thinking of these two phrases at all.  Let us hope that we take into heart of what these two phrases mean to us and everyone around us.


BHatch said...

Very well said, Kdog. Those things are why I like Christmas so much.

BHatch said...

Kdog, I enjoy reading Time of Thought. The posts are insightful and, well, timely. Inspiring thoughts are offered in connection with special days and seasons. Thank you for striving to help friends like me and please keep it up.