Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't be shy to say "Merry Christmas"

There are two posts from earlier in the earlier that I have done Christmas theme.  One is Christmas Carol posted September 28 and the other one is It's A Wonderful Life posted July 30.

As we go out this month celebrating Christmas let us not be shy or cowered of celebrating this holiday.  There are some groups of people that would like to take away this holiday and make it less intrusive from hurting other religions.  Sad to say some of it has happened.  Choirs are not allowed to sing carols that have the word, "Lord", "Christ", no Christmas tree instead calling it a holiday tree, no manager scenes, store banners that call it holiday season, etc. 

The Savior was born and it was a wonderful event to behold in our time of the world.  We should not be afraid to say, "Merry Christmas" to our friends and loved ones.  We should stand up for what the holiday is about and not shy away from what the Savior would do.


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