Sunday, December 12, 2010

My family Christmas tradititon.

At this time of year and especially for this holiday, we usually have traditions that as a family we use to remember the holiday and make it more fun.  For after the presents are unwrapped and the day is coming to an end.  What are you going to remember a year later, 5, 10 or 30 years later? Are you going to remember what you gave to someone as a present or what you got as a present or remember what tradition you had that year that you still carry out to this day. 

One tradition that has started in my immediate family (parents and siblings) is about the presents underneath the tree.  As we were young and looked under the Christmas tree and see how many presents did I get, it got crazy.  For one of us would say,"Oh I got 10 presents and someone else got 3 presents." It took the fun out of it and realized there has to be a better way of concealing of how many presents one person received.  So to change that we have made up fake names
  • Disney Princess (Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, etc.)
  • Sounds (Pow, Bang, Zing, etc.)
  • Animals ( Cat, Dog, Zebra, etc.)
  • Numbers (1,3,4, etc.)
  • Harry Potter (Harry, Ron, Draco, etc.)
  • School Subjects (Math, Science, History, etc.)
You get the point.  We would make sure that in each category that we used that we have enough names in to cover everyone so no one would feel left out.  It also throws off from thinking that you may be that present but then you realize that its someone else. 

This year we are using names of Book Authors.  So we have a total of 13 names to sort out.  My mom and my sister is in control and makes a list of who is who so we keep everyone straight and don't open the wrong present for someone else.  We have done it for so many years now I don't remember when we first started it.  We try to not repeat a topic that we have already done in the past. 

You may post your comments on your favorite Christmas tradition to this post or by way of email.

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