Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Aside from Christmas messages, this post is about Pearl Harbor.

It was a war that made the USA get involved in WWII but didn't want to get involved.  Japan attacked the USA in Hawaii on a Sunday morning.  The military clearly weren't ready for the attack on that day.  We lost a lot of great men and women on that day in the ships. 

There is a memorial in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  You go there by boat and you get off the boat and walk to the small memorial that they have.  Inside there is a big plaque of names listed of who has died in that war.  You can also overlook and see the USS Arizona ship laying in its grave.  You can feel the reverence of being there just like you can know that its a memorial to those who have died there on that day.

Just as of 9/11 the attack in NYC it was a devastating blow to the USA and so was the attack on Pearl Harbor.  These two attacks have been awake to us to realize that we can still be attacked from our enemies.  That lives can be lost.  We must not forget those who have gave up their lives so we can still be free. 

Remember Pearl Harbor!

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