Sunday, July 18, 2010

Falling asleep in church services, mainly Sacrament Meeting.

I know that Sunday is a day of rest, from what the 10 Commandments tell us.  That we should take the Sabbath Day and make it a holy day and be rest from our labors.  For some reason when I was younger I wouldn't fall asleep as much during Sacrament Meeting but, now for some reason I'm so tired and exhausted that I can't stay awake during Sacrament Meeting.  I do try and stay awake.  I do sing the hymns and listen to the prayers but I usually lay my head down on the bench in front of me and just close my eyes but leave my ears open.   I'm sure there are several of you out there that do the same thing I do.  Try and fall asleep while we get told to stay awake and listen to the speaker.  The most embarrassing would be is to be up by the podium and falling asleep and making the podium go up and down to the speaker.  I hope that won't happen to any of us. 

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