Friday, July 30, 2010


We all know the story, "Its a Wonderful Life".  Yes, its a Christmas time story but that doesn't mean that we can only talk about it at Christmas or in the month of November and December.  Anyway, George Bailey, we follow his life as a young kid and grows up to an adult.  All throughout his life he is always helping someone wither they be friend or family.
On Christmas Eve George jumps off and Clarence, the angel 2nd Class, comes and rescues George from killing himself.  He asks George what is the wish he wants and George replies," I wish I had never been born." 
Clarence says to George that the wish has been granted.  George Bailey has never been born. 
  • No Zulu's petals
  • No ID,
  • No Credit Cards,
  • No Social Security Number,
  • No Drivers License,
  • No car keys,
  • No missing $1,000,
  • No warrant out for his arrest from Mr. Potter,
  • No house,
  • No car,
  • No damaged ear and can hear in both ears now,
  • No Building and Loan,
  • Not friends with Bert the policeman and Ernie the cab driver, 
  • No dent in the tree that he crashed into,
  • Bedford Falls is called Pottersville and is home to nightclubs and pawn shops;
  • Bailey Park was never built;
  • Mr. Gower was convicted of poisoning the child and spent many years in prison;
  • Martini  no longer owns the bar;
  • Violet is a dancer who gets arrested as a pickpocket;
  • Uncle Billy has been in an insane asylum for years;
  • Harry is dead, since George was not around to save him, and the soldiers Harry would have saved also died;
  • Mrs. Bailey is a hardened widow running a boarding house;
  • Mary is a spinster librarian.
  • No children of his own.
George realizes that life is much happier with him being around everyone and saw of how much he had an influence on his friends, family and the town. George realized that life is wonderful and that being friends to everyone is quite rich in blessings than one can count on one hand.

So what does that have to do with us, its only a movie, right? Well, if you would think of everyone that you had the influence on such as your parents, siblings, relatives, co-workers, friends, spouse, children, in laws, boss, organizations, church, etc.  As you see it dominoes of everyone you touch.  You may think that oh if I wasn't born it would only effect my immediate family and a few close friends.  Though as you look at it, you effect everyone you come in touch with.  If you haven't saved someones life for the better then who knows they could end up in the hospital, prison, mad house, death, etc. 

I know for me I have influenced a lot of people in my life in various aspects and I know that if I wasn't there for them they could easily be on a different path right now that may not be the right path or that they would have just effected enough a little to show that you care for them and willing to show them that you do care for them and love them.

So life is wonderful and live to the fullest!

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