Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pioneer Day Greeting

This Saturday is Pioneer Day.  I'm so thankful for the pioneers in the 1800's who came across the plains in the freezing cold to come to Utah and settle.  Some of those pioneers were my ancestors who crossed the plains.  They didn't have luxury items like we have now.  They didn't have GPS, I-Pod, television set, nice warm clothes, modern medicine, etc. like we do.  They had what they needed then, yes the stuff now would have saved them from dying in the cold, sped up the crossing the plains, but then where would the trials come from, and the "Come,Come Ye Saints" hymn.
I'm sure they wished they weren't asked to leave or be exterminated by Governor Bogs.  But that's what faith came into play.  They knew that there was going to be trails for them and I'm sure they had heartache when a loved one died to weather or mobs. 
Though they are happy of what they did.  If you could talk to them in person from a visit they would tell you they wouldn't give up anything for what they did.  If they had to redo it again they probably would change a little but overall I'm guessing they would have done the same things they did already.  They would tell us in our time to keep the faith, keep pressing forward, they are watching us and will cheer when we do something good and cry when we do something bad.  
The pioneers are not to be forgotten but to be remembered at what they did and stand for. 

Happy Pioneer Day!

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Your blog was wonderful, Kdog.