Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is a race.

HONK!! The race is off and who knows what lays ahead of this race.  An hour later has passed by.  Approaching the finish line and the racer finishes the race!!! The crowd goes wild, cheering on the racer who raced the race. 

Isn't life a race? Before we came down here to Earth, we were taught of all we needed to know of what challenges we would face and that it would be worth it.  Then as we come up to the starting line of life here on Earth we are born as a baby to our wonderful parents.  We cry for that is all we know of what to do.  We have a veil put over our minds so we have to be taught of what is right and what is wrong. 
As we go along the race through life we face encounters along our path.  We deal with peer preasure, friends, work, entertainment, religion, government, etc.  We are taught from our parents and religious leaders of things to do to help us on our race of life.  We have scriptures, family home evening, love, friendship, etc. to help us in our path. 
Sometimes we may think that a different path may help us to get to the finish line faster or quicker route to take.  Such as taking drugs, alocohol, stealing, etc.  Though they may seem to be harmless from far away but when we get closer we realize that this is not the way it is supposed to be, we should go back on the path we should be following. 
The only thing with the finish line is that we don't know when its going to happen to us.  We just know the finish line is death on Earth.  That we leave this mortal life and become immortal.  After that we will see our loved ones that have gone before us and rejoice for the race we have ran. 

I enjoy my life, sometimes its a hard race to run.  But with the help of loved ones and good friends it will make it worthwhile to continue on with the race.  I knew that life would be hard but that it would be worth it.  That God gave us a Savior so we can live life and be grateful for the wonderful gift of life.  I look forward when I reach the finish line to rejoice with my loved ones and tell them I lived a good life and finished the race!

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