Thursday, August 5, 2010

Being funny with a joke and a tease.

*This post is not to put any blame or point a finger to anyone in particular*

Boy: "Knock, Knock?"
Girl: "Who is there?"

We all like a joke, don't we? What exactly is a joke, well the definition of a joke is "something said or done to cause laughter; a ridiculous person or thing." 
Every April 1 is known as April Fools Day, how the origin came about is to ones own interpretation.  I believe it started during Dark Ages where there was a lot of gloom.  The citizens wanted to have a little fun so whenever a royalty came by they did funny things.  Like the horse in the driver's seat and the person in the horse's spot, a person feeding the chickens from the roof of the house, someone doing something upside down or the opposite and it was quite funny. 
The other word that is similar to a joke is a tease.  The definition of tease is "playfully making fun of or attempt to provoke." There is a fun tease, where both parties laugh and there is a mean tease where one side of the party is crying and doesn't think it was funny. 
Fun tease or a funny joke is great, while mean tease or a bad joke isn't.  There is an old adage where,"We love those who we tease for if we didn't love them we wouldn't tease them."  Amazing that we tease someone because we love them, just to see their reaction to the joke or tease. 
I'm sure we all like being told a funny joke or a funny tease which to make our life better that second. 
I know that we can't read minds of others and don't know how they will react and that I think we are all fault at times for not always making a funny joke or happened to be a mean tease which at the time we thought it would be funny but at the end we realize that it wasn't. 
There is an imaginary line that is drawn and once we cross that line sometimes its hard to go back to where we were with that person.  Sometimes friendships have been terminated because of a bad joke and realize that it wasn't meant to be that way. 
We should always think before we say a joke or do a tease that the other party will get the laugh that we hope to expect to hear.

Now to back to that joke at the beginning

Boy: "I've been knocking so long I can't remember what I was going to say."

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