Friday, August 27, 2010

Education of life.

Class is now back in session.  For everyone that is reading this is most likely taking college classes or just done with school.  We are told to have education to learn about the world, nation, nature, space, heaven etc. To be able to accomplish anything we need to study about it so we can no how to cure diseases, manage a job, raise a family, etc.  The other option is to lay around and not get a education at all and let life go by. 

There is another type of school which is life.  We can't see the teacher but we are in school here on earth.  We do lessons, quizzes and tests.  We either learn from them and reap the reward or fail and face the consequences.  There is no recess or lunch break in this school.  The only thing we don't know is when graduation will be, for that will be when we have learned all that we need to learn and we leave this earth by way of death.  We then face the teacher and tell him of what we have learned and did with what we did our life.  We will have a full conscience of all the bad and good that we did.  We can not lie or hide anything from him so it might as well be honest.  What we want is A instead of F in life. 

The Savior will help us only if we are willing to let him to help us in our school of life. 

*Note With me starting school, I'll post when I can. So it may just be once a week instead of before when I had free time on my hands.

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