Monday, August 16, 2010

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

"Love is in the air!" I like that quote.  I'm sure someone has said it in a movie or a book, I just don't know who said it. 

This past Friday I went to a wedding ceremony of my sister.  It was great to see two people who fall in love to marry each other.  The life of being married is just a milestone.  Its the start of a new adventure of life along with another person.   Its a lifetime achievement to get to that point. 

What is marriage exactly? Marriage is a union between two people a man and a woman.  They come to love one another and want to spend their rest of their lives with each other.  Along the way they do have stumble blocks along the way, since life is not always fair so is marriage.  Its not always happy and wonderful time.  There are times when a sickness, death, loss of job, loss of home, etc. which makes it sad but is a part of life and can't just have wonderful and happy times for that is not what marriage is.  It would be a fake if not to have those come into marriage.  With those times as long as the couple works it out together and overcome the struggle then the light at the end comes into view and rejoice that they were able to overcome it. 

Do not let one struggle avoid thinking, "I don't want to get married and have problems." Well even if you are single you still will have problems.  That is what life is for to find someone to spend life with and start a family of our own.  Go through challenges, up and downs, sickness and health, its what makes the marriage stronger and that much worthwhile to be married.

Marriage is wonderful and fun and yes I don't always like the challenges that come my way but I look forward with my spouse and working on it and seeing the light at the end and cheering on that we together overcame the challenge and still married.

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