Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just be yourself.

Ever get told this by someone, "Just be yourself", "Don't try to be someone who you aren't!"

In plays we dress up in costumes so we are someone that we aren't.  We wear makeup, masks, accessories, etc.  But how many of us keep on the masks instead of putting it away for fear we don't like the face we currently have?  The masks are supposed to stay at the theater not to take home to please our family, friends, co workers, etc. 

At times I feel like I have been wearing a mask myself, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this deal or it wouldn't be a problem in our society.  I may have said somethings that is not in my nature to say to someone.  I thought it was fun to do so, but then the mask got tired of wearing it so much and not showing my true face underneath my mask.  I had a friend asked me once "Why are you acting this way?" Just be yourself and you will make a lot more friends then not."  It took me a while before I figured this out for myself. 

I don't want to say that I'm not the only person who has worn a mask and not just for play costumes or dress up.  The ones that know me well enough know when I'm trying to be someone different.  At times when attention is wanted, feel hurt inside because of someone else, etc.

We are told that the way to make friends is to be yourself.  If you don't like a particular movie, video, music, sports, school, etc. or if you do like something then say so!  Don't try to please your friends in saying you like something when you clearly don't like it.  You will only embarrass yourself and your friends.  Plus the way you act, may bring in the wrong crowd that you don't want.  If you feel strongly about something then share your feelings, if you have lost a loved one (parent, child, friend, spouse, sibling, etc.) don't hide it let it out!

You will find that you will love life, be happy more, and have tons of friends that you can trust to be around and not be someone that you aren't.

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