Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"He(she) has lead a great life.  He(she) was always thoughtful to everyone around them.  I'm glad that I was friends with that person. "

"All he(she) thought about was about themselves.  He(she) didn't give a care in the world about other people around them.  To bad they didn't have any friends."

I made that up of course but, wouldn't you like to hear the top part instead of the bottom part be said at your funeral.

I know its not Christmas yet, but it reminds me of Christmas Carol.  Its about Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserable miser, and how he changed.  He didn't like to celebrate Christmas at all.  No singing carols, no wreath, no Christmas tree, donating to the poor; as he put it Bah Humbug! One night as we was off to his bedroom for the night eating his late night dinner, an old partner, Jacob Marley, of his came to visit him. After the introductions were over with he told him why he was there.  He showed him that his life is measured link by link chain by chain and that he would share the same fate but, that his would be more heavy.  Ebenezer was concerned and wondered if there was a way out of this fate.  Jacob M. told him that there was a way to change so he wouldn't be the same fate.  That he would be visited by three spirits, (past, present, and future) all in one night.  Ebenezer didn't believe him but went to sleep anyway.  Each spirits came one by one and showed him his life (past, present, and future).   By the end of his long adventure he had become a changed man and was a better friend to be around and his fate was totally changed. 

Now we won't be visited by spirits (past, present and the future) to tell us of how our life was, is and what might happen in the future.  It would be nice but I don't think so.  But, the chain of our life is indeed link by link, chain by chain is true.  Every time we do a service we do good, every time we do something bad then we add a link to our chain and it becomes heavy after this life.  We will see all of what we did and will have no excuse to tell when you see your chain of life. 

How can we fix our chain of life? We can by being a good example to others around us, do service, help when needed, give a fellow hand to the poor, hungry, naked, lamed, those in prison, etc.  The more you do that the better person you will become to yourself and to those around you.  You will leave a legacy and that others will remember you and will praise the good things you did in your life. 

So then would you rather be a miserable person with no friends or be a cheerful person with lots of friends? You decide its your chain of life, your legacy.

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