Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Christmas carol that is commericalized.

This is just a random thought that I've been thinking of for a bit.  Not to be down and a Grinch or Scrooge about Christmas songs.  I've been thinking that a couple of Christmas songs to be in itself a song about trying to sell stuff.  For example:

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in ev'ry store
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;

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Emalee said...

I've always thought that about this carol. Fortunately there are many carols that are about Christ. Those are the ones I prefer.