Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Big Storm the came in and left destruction in its path.

To anyone who hasn't heard there was a big huge wind storm last week Thursday.  Wind gusts were up to 108 in Centerville, UT, which is about hurricane wind symptoms.  I had to trek through the wind to get to the bus stop, which was freezing cold and felt like I was going against a wind machine.  Later that night and the next day found out of how much damage was done.  There was uprooted trees, fences broken, trash everywhere, some cars smashed, some roofs off of houses, and few businesses lost part of their signs.  A Front runner Station in Farmington was badly damaged along with the camping site of Lagoon.  As we went through the trash there was a sign that we found which said, "Come and celebrate the Handcart Day Brunch on July 23, 2011. Property of Dick's Market".   Thank goodness there was no fatality or death of anyone.
The National Guard came to help out on Sunday to pick up the derbies.  There was a second storm that came on Sunday night, but wasn't as bad as was the first storm.  It took 5 days for power to come all the way back on in Bountiful.  We got our electricity back on Friday morning. 

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