Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Falling out and learned a lesson.

 Another experience that I want to share is when I was a young child, which I learned was a stupid choice I made. 

It was a great day coming home from a father and son outing down in Florida.  We had just loaded up the van and heading back to home.  As we were heading back home, driving through Jacksonville, I had a foolish idea come to my mind.  I was sitting right next to the passenger front door with my brother on my left and my dad driving.  I had closed my eyes not wanting to see what would happen, as I did so I reached over and started pulling up the handle.  As I did so, my mind went into shut off mode or unconsciousness. I wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time, which could have had a different picture of events if I did.  I fell out of the van onto the street in an intersection as my dad was in the turning lane.  Along with me was also potato chips went flying into the air and the van stopped realizing I wasn't in the van anymore. 

During this whole event I was unconsciousness so its only from what I've learned from my dad and brother. 

Someone had been told to call the fire department, ambulance, and police officer to help me.  Thank goodness all the traffic had stopped.  I was lifted up in the ambulance while my younger brother got to ride on the back of the police motorcycle.  I woke up a short time later in the hospital with the doctor looking me over. Once when my mind become consciousness again I asked "Where was I?" and then the event then I remembered what had happened.  "Oh yeah, I remember now what happened."  I was good to go home that day but, had to wear a neck brace which I wasn't to happy about.  I then went on my way home.  I told the event to my mother and as I was my stomach wasn't to happy with what I did earlier that day. 

I learned a valuable lesson that day.  To always wear seat belts, lock the doors when you have children in your vehicle.  I don't think I could stand another event again and come out still being alive. 

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