Monday, March 7, 2011

Update on blog status.

I didn't know who would all accept the names of my co workers that I work with in my posting as characters in Star Wars and that this blog is not to always talk about movies and use the characters as my co workers all the time.  Also to not feel anyone else that I don't work with feel guilty that I didn't include them in the deal or wish that I had chosen them instead of a character to use.  So to ease that I just decide to erase that info of the characters that I used as and decide to put them on a different blog all together.

I did add to the side
* Number of views that have been done
* The favorites of the posts that I have done up to 10 since I started.  Its a random process so I don't know which one will be on that list. 
* I did change the archive list from being monthly shown to weekly shown. 
* I did include a white small envelope down below by the bottom of the posting that you should be able to click on and email someone the posting to another friend if you want. 

Thanks again for always reading my blog.  I know it has helped you in ways that I can't imagine. 

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