Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The movies we watch.

I know this is a hot topic right now and will most likely get several comments on this.  If I lose readers over this, then its their choice.  I just felt that I needed to get this topic out in the open. 

As one movie that is coming out is titled "The Kings Speech".  It was a R movie mostly because of profanity being told about 20 times over and over again.  It won the best movie for the past year at the Oscars.  I have yet to watch it because of the rating.  Now as a result the movie as it is coming out will receive a lesser rating as PG-13 and for that they are taking out the profanity out so they can have a larger audience to watch the movie. 

I have heard two different views of the rating movies deal.  One side is that viewers will only watch the movies based on the rating of the movie: G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17.  The other side is that viewers will watch a movie based on content of the movie and not give a care of wither its R or PG-13. 

I myself have at one time did see some R movies, but have not seen one since for over 2 1/2 years.  Though I do watch PG-13, PG and G movies.  I know that its up the individual to see what movie that he or she will see.  I know I can not stop any family or friends from watching a movie just because of the content or the rating of the movie.  If they want to watch it, its their choice.  I am not condoning anyone who wishes to watch R movie.  I will still be your loyal friend even if you make that choice to watch it.

Maybe their may come a time when the movies will be so bad that it will be not good to watch any movies at all. 

Please if you do comment keep it clean and in good nature. :)


Anonymous said...

Dirt, filth, slime, scum, mud, dust, blood, gore, guts, puke, crap

Now that's filthy.

Kdog said...

I understand you don't agree with what I said, but glad that you decide to share your thoughts with me and keeping it clean anonymous person.

Becca said...


I loved your blog post because I have been thinking the same thing recently. I usually do not watch R-rated movies, but I have occasionally, and I do it when I feel the content is appropriate. I have always watched PG-13 movies, though. Lately I have found more bad things creeping into PG-13 movies and I think that perhaps I should look more carefully into movies before I watch them. I'm tired of being offended, especially movie makers put bad things into an otherwise good movie for what seems like no reason at all.