Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now go to sleep and something magical will happen.

As a child you hear that at certain times when we were young.  Now you are thinking to yourself what his he talking about? I'll tell you my fellow friend.

  1. Tooth Fairy - This is a fairy that will come to you in the night and take your tooth from underneath your pillow and give you money in return wither it be how rich the tooth fairy is.  It could be ($1.00, $10.00, 25 cents, or a 10 cents.) anytime you loose a baby tooth.
  2. Easter Bunny- This is a animal that is different than the rest of the animals of the world.  Its a special animal that comes to you in the night and will leave you chocolate, eggs, candy, etc in a basket with your name on it and any other goodies that the Easter bunny wishes to leave you the day before Easter.
  3. Santa Claus- This is a man that lives up at the North Pole and comes once a year on December 24 to visit all the children at night while they are asleep and will leave presents to open up the next morning. 
Now that I've told you the 3 types of magical beings that come to children.  What is one thing that is all in common? Give up?  Its the word NIGHT.  How interesting to know that they only come at night and not during the day when everyone is awake and doing stuff.  Now as we get older we learn the truth of these three magical beings.
  • Are we sad or happy that we found out the truth?
  • Do we continue on believing in these beings ourselves?
  • Do we keep the myth alive when we have children of our own?
  • Do we tell the truth right off when they are young, instead of making them believe in these beings?
As parents its your decision on what to do.  There is no wrong or right way to approach this situation with children.  You just do what you feel is the best thing to do.  I am not condemning to those who decide to tell the truth out front instead of the fantasy of them. 

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