Monday, January 17, 2011

The present day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We are celebrating a famous man, Martin Luther King Jr.  He had a dream that was where he saw everyone as an equal. 

I would wonder what it would be like having segregation at schools, buses, stores, restaurants, etc.  Where only whites would use one side and color would use the other side.  But, sad to say is that it what happened for a while and everyone was in agreement with it.  Until one day some honorable people took the stand and realized that things in the USA had to change.  With that it didn't come easy for people on both sides.  There was death, injuries, hatred, burnings, etc. 

Now in the present day we don't have that type of segregation going on in those places but, I'm sure its evil head is lurking around the corner ready to take action no matter what! Discrimination is not gone but still present.  It may not be visible to the eye of the beholder but it still remains.  Discrimination is wrong and against the law! It hurts you, your family, friends, co workers, communities, cities, nation and the world. 

The Lord sees everyone as an equal no matter if they are a slave, prisoner, male, female, young, old, etc. If you have a problem with discrimination get it fixed.  For there is no love in discrimination only hate.

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