Thursday, January 20, 2011

Communication is the Key!

Communication has been around since the beginning of time.  There have been various ways of talking to each other over the years.  Early in the years there have been scrolls, paintings, face to face, smoke signals, Morse code, letter writing (pencil or pen), telegraph, typing on type writer, typing on a computer (Word Perfect), email, text messages, skype, and body language.  

That is my purpose of this blog is a way of communicating to you my thoughts that come to my mind.  I could send it out the long way by paper and pen but, its a lot faster this way. 

We have various groups that communicate with each other
  1. Teacher to Student.
  2. Parent to Child.
  3. Friend to Friend.
  4. Spouse to Spouse.
  5. Employer to Employee.
  6. Sibling to Sibling.
  7. Country to Country.
  8. Nation to Nation.
If we are to get along with each other and not break friendships, relationships, fights, then we need to communicate with each other. 

Its sad that war, failing in grade, divorces, enemies,  is the cause of miss communication. 

If we communicate with each other more better, we can have more of love and peace.

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