Monday, January 3, 2011

What character are you in Beauty and the Beast?

Its a new year, 2011.  What great stuff lies a head!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and celebrating the New Year as late as you were able to stay up.

We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast.  How do those characters fit our lives?

  • Are we Gaston who is handsome and nice looking on the outside but a monster in the inside?
  • Are we the Beast/Prince who is a monster on the inside and outside?
  • Are we Belle (Beauty) who is handsome on the inside and the outside?
As we see the movie Gaston looks are deceiving.  He may appear to be the popular man in town that gets what he wants and has no heart or care for anyone else but himself.  He dies at the end because he wasn't willing to change his inside to be a better person. 

As for the Beast, who was a prince at first, is a bit similar to Gaston but, he was a monster appearance on the outside and inside.  He was also selfish, rude and would lose his temper.  With the help of Belle he was able to change on the inside first and then once he was no longer a monster in the inside and was able to have someone love him as who he was regardless of appearance then he returned back to a handsome prince. 

For Belle, who is a beauty on both outside and inside, was cheerful, loving, caring, thought of others beside herself, knew who the real monster was and could see through the Beast.  She tried to help Gaston to be a different person but wasn't able to and could see close to the end that once Gaston wanted to kill the Beast in cold blood, only because he wanted to marry Belle, then she saw who the real monster was all along.  She was able to change the Beast from the inside and made him a better person and then at the last moment of thinking all would be lost Belle was able to make him change back to a human form (prince). 

What does this all have to do with us? Well, I hope that we are more like Belle and the Beast and less like Gaston.  That the way to others is not by being selfish, rude, ignorant, etc. but by being nice, loving, caring and would seem less like a monster to someone and more of a human who is loving and caring. 

If we need help from being a monster to a handsome person then we ask for help from our family, friends and the Lord. 

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