Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two memorials to remember.

The first memorial I want to talk about is the Titanic.  They were so many people on that ship that died on April 15, 1912.  They were told that it was considered the Unsinkable ship.  That nothing can sink that ship.  Now that I think is a bit prideful that nothing of nature could sink that ship.  Little did they know that on that cold and frightful night when they hit an iceberg that caused great damage to the ship.  They were lacking in life vests and life boats for they thought they were not needed.  Lot of innocent lives died on that day.  I did once a tour that they had in the store several years ago about what it would be like to live on the Titanic.  Then the one room where the Titanic hit the iceberg was a very cold room.  I don't think I would survived in that cold conditions unless I was on one of the life boats.   We should remember that nothing is incapable of nature attacking and bringing death and destruction along its way when us humans fail to realize that.

The second memorial is the Holocaust Memorial remembrance day earlier this week.  Lots of Jews (men, women, and children) during World War II were taken to gas chambers thinking that they were there to get cleaned up and take a shower only realizing that it was their death sentence and they perished for just being different than anyone else.  I went to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC several years ago and yes its a sad place to go just as the memorial of 9/11.  That looking at the pictures and realizing that this cruelty was happening at that time in the world to a group of people just like us Americans to just get on with daily life and be put to death in a cruel way.   We should remember those who have died in this awful way. 

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