Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My birthday!

Today is my 36th birthday! I am getting closer to 40! WOW!

Thanks for all the wonderful friendships and relationships I have made over the years.  Thanks for the time to cheer me up when I'm down, for being able to text you on your cell, call you up and talk to you for a while, being able to help you in your life, calling me a brother, for your understanding me even when I can be weird at times, understanding my humor and still being my friend even when others have left me for whatever reason. 

I know that I can't talk to all of you in person or on the phone.  So I want to say thanks for the years you have got to know me so far and that you will continue to be my friend and brother for many years to come! 

I know I have been around for this long so I can help those around me to feel better about themselves and if it weren't for me then they could have been on a different path then they are now.  The Lord knows that I am needed still here on Earth to help my fellow brothers and sisters!

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