Friday, April 8, 2011

A Cry for me and you.

Thanks to those who enjoyed reading my April Fools joke that I posted on here. Guess I will have to use a different one next year.

I know as a guy I'm told no men don't cry, keep it inside, don't show that you are weak! Well, to tell the truth I am a guy and I do cry. There are times when all the stress that I have and everything else around me just builds up to the point that just one small thing just makes me burst and the tears just come up and out. I just cry and cry as long as I can. I feel better about crying after words. I feel the pressure off of me.
So to the women out there you cry easily, men if you feel the need to cry because something in your chest is telling you to do so, then just cry! You may want to do it somewhere a little less private and not so much in the public view, but cry if you need to, don't hold it in. CRY!!!

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