Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter message.

This year Easter falls on April 24.  The week preceding up to Easter Sunday was Jesus Christ last week here on Earth to live a mortal/immortal life.  He knew that this week would be the hardest for him to endure.  Jesus Christ knew his time was short here on Earth, he cleansed the temple the second time saying it was His house and not a den of thieves.  Today is called Palm Sunday for Jesus riding along on a donkey for symbol of peace that he brings and not of war.  That the people would lay down Palm leaves, blankets down for him and should Hosanna to the Lord and King. 

On Friday evening Jesus met with his disciples at an upstairs room and started the sacrament the first time.  The bread to represent his body and the wine to represent is blood.  They sang a hymn as well.  After that they walked over to Gethsemane and where the Lord went to a tree and did a solemn prayer.  After Jesus was done praying and went back to the disciples who were sleeping, woke them up and knew that the time had come to end His life.  He was confronted with some men with torches and swords and asked Judah who was the Christ.  Judah then went up the Lord and gave him a kiss on the cheek which showed the bad men who the Christ was.  They took him and showed him to Annas, Caiaphas, and then Pilate.  Pilate had asked the people that had gathered there to decide what to do and the people said they should let Barabbas go and crucify Jesus instead.  So they went up to Golgotha (the place of a skull) and put nails in his hands, wrists, and feet.  They put a sign up above Him saying JESUS OF NAZARETH KING OF THE JEWS in Hebrew, Latin and Greek.  The Lord then knew his work was done and commenced is spirit up to heaven and with that the world shook with such tournmal and grief that there had never been such a destruction in all the land.  Over in the America there was tempests, earthquakes, fires, whirlwinds, and physical upheavals and then after that was done there was three days of darkness in all the land.  No light, no matter how hard would not happen, was seen for all of three days.  On the third day is when they got to see the Savior of the Lord visit them.

While over on the other side of the world, where Jesus had lived rose on the third day which is known as Sunday and was resurrected for he had whole body and spirit reunited together never to be separated again.  He visited Mary in the garden where he was in the tomb, his disciples and then to the people here in America. 

Easter is a great celebration to celebrate for He has risen and is not dead but alive.  I know that Jesus Christ is a live.  He loves me and all of us.  He knows what we have been through (sad, heartbreak, losing a loved one, mistrust, etc.) I am glad that He listens to my prayers and knows when I am feeling.  That He will always be there for me.  He will never leave me.  He is my Savior, Lord and brother. Jesus Christ died for me so I can live again and be resurrected with my body and spirit never to be separated.  That he has taken up my sins upon him.  To be my advocate with the Father when my judgment comes.  

This week think about all what the Savior has done for you and then come Easter morning that you will rejoice along with everyone else that the Savior lives and loves you. 


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