Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't read unless you've watched or read LORD OF THE RINGS.

I just finished watching Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Its a great movie if you haven't watched it.  The evil is of horrible creatures that only care about death and good is dwarfs, elfs, hobbits, wizards, and humans.   The main thing to this whole quest and the reason of the title of the trilogy is a ring.  Its gold with writing on it that can only be seen in the proper light.  With this ring it rules all of the other rings given to various groups of creatures.  The deal is that this ring is evil and cares for nothing of life only death. 

With evil they destroy anything that is good and love to work in darkness.  They hate the light and the sun that gives warmth to everyone that is good. 

The Ring of Power is the main ring controls everything and of how creatures live their life.  Now in reality there is no true Ring of Power that rules over other rings.  Though in contrast, the devil and his followers like to work in darkness and secret.  They only care about is death and evil.  They don't know love or care for life.  When there is light from God they fear and tremble and leave for they can not stand to be in his presence.  The Lord is all good and no evil in him.  He cares for life and loves everyone and everything.  His power is stronger then evil.  He also has followers that work in light and is open and not in secret.  The followers work to let life live and knows the meaning of love. 

We are all on the Lords side of light, life and love to do what is right and conquer the evil.  Though at times we are human and fall short of this quest and do something that is evil.  It is up to us to decide on what path we will on, the good or the evil? 

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