Monday, November 21, 2011

My 100 post and Remembering Thanksgiving

Wow!  I've published 100 posts since I started this blog!  Its amazing of how much I've done since I've started.   I've great followers who read my post.  I get great comments back from my readers!  I hope to continue on with another 100 to make it to 200! 

I'm sure you know what a turkey is, who the pilgrims were, what Plymouth Rock is?  These questions are about why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It seems that as soon as Halloween is over all the stores and decorations for Christmas comes out.  We are going to answer those questions and hopefully make you remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving!

  • What is a turkey?  A turkey is a bird that is a native animal to the United States.  When natives from Europe came here to America and saw the bird they called it guinea fowl (turkey fowl) since they were imported from Turkey.  Over time the name got stuck with the bird Turkey.  Today we eat it with everything else at the meal of Thanksgiving.  Amazing note that Benjamin Franklin was wanting to name the turkey the national bird instead of the bald eagle.  I'm glad that we have the bald eagle as the national bird.  I can't picture myself eating an eagle versus the turkey.

  • Who are the pilgrims? They are people who left parts of Europe to escape the ruling of a leader that gave no freedoms (religion).  They were wanting to find a place to where they could worship they want to worship without having any fear of being imprisoned or death.  They came over on the ship called the Mayflower and settled in Plymouth, MA.  When they arrived here they noticed that they were not alone.  They noticed Indians (Native Americans) lived here.  The Indians and the Pilgrims did not get a long very well.  They were some hardships between the two.  It then came a time that they realized for them to be able to survive the winter storms they are going to have to get along with the Indians.  The Indians knew what herbs, vegetables, grains etc.  to grow.  Some food was new to the Pilgrims, but they were in time able to come to an understanding.  Which that eventually became the Thanksgiving feast.

  • What is Plymouth Rock? Is the supposed place that the Pilgrims landed on when they arrived here in America in the year 1620.  It is an important part of America history.  Though there is no proof that Mayflower Pilgrims actually landed here on this spot or not.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving let us not forget the reason why we celebrate it before it gets lost and forgotten.

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