Sunday, March 18, 2012

My various nicknames under revised edition.

I am hoping that everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, wearing green and not getting pinched.   I wore my tie with small shamrocks on it and had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day at the bottom.
What positive self-esteem is there to give to oneself?  I don't mean to sound boastful or bragging. If I am, than that is your opinion.  It has come to my knowledge from my friends of the various nicknames that I've been given.  I've been called Sunshine, Yoda, the Bomb, and the Man, Eternal brother, Blood brother, Kdawg and Kdog.  It makes me feel good inside when I am called a positive nickname.  Thanks for all that do call me that.  It makes feel that I'm loved by you and that you do care for me. 

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