Sunday, May 6, 2012

Learned a lesson from the Special Needs performance.

The Special Needs Stake did a fantastic job on the program this year.  This year is titled "Happy Forever After".  Just from that you could figure out there would be some Disney songs involved, and sure enough they were.  There were 5 songs that each group did with different colors representing them.  Those 5 songs were:
  • Aladdin- Friend Like Me.
  • Little Mermaid- Under the Sea
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs- Living in Paradise
  • Princess and the Frog-Dig a Little Deeper
  • Beauty and the Beast-Beauty and the Beast
Aladdin we learned about to have good friends, friends that will support you in hard times and the good times and that you need to have friends.
Little Mermaid we learned that life is good where we are, we should appreciate to what we have: house, education, food, clothes, family, friends, etc. 
Snow White and 7 Dwarfs we learned about living in a house where there is always laughter, singing, dancing, cooking, sleeping, etc.   
Princess and the Frog we learned about to know yourself you have to deep dig into your soul to find the answer of what you are looking for, live your dreams by setting out your adventure.  Get to know someone by learning about them by asking questions about themselves.
Beauty and the Beast we learned that you have to be able to see the inside appearance and see the good in people and not just the bad.  That even though a person may be handsome and good looking on the outside doesn't always mean they will be good and loving on the inside. 
Also we heard about “Wish Upon a Star”, which refers that it doesn't matter who you are that you are entitled to your dreams if you put your heart and will to it.  Then when you done your part then the universe will do the rest and provide for you. 
The last song we heard is a song that specifically for those who are in the Special Needs program and to know that Heavenly Father still loves them no matter what.  That song is "I am a Child of God." 
We can learn a lot from those who are special needs and to give us ways from Disney songs to show us about ourselves and others, which I thought was interesting to use Disney songs.  Songs that we take for granted and not think about the reason behind them. 

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Mike said...

Was sorry to miss it; glad it was great.