Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some random thoughts I thought of.

I figured that I would post some sayings that I have said from Facebook over the last couple of weeks. If you are on Facebook you probably have read them, while others who don't have Facebook most likely have not read them.

*  Life here on Earth is short. In the eternal perspective, our life is just for a short moment. We don't know when we will see the other person again before they leave to go back to where they came from. Be willing to let those who you love know that you love them. Tell them that you love them. For that person will thank you that you thought of them for that day. I don't know when my life will end, I try to share my love to those who need it and are willing to accept it.

*  It is interesting to note that most of the time those people or organizations that are asked to be silenced are usually speaking the truth about what they have to share. We need to hear them out and let them speak. If you need to speak please do so, if you don't then the lies and deceit will only continue unless someone speaks up! I will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

*  My friends are all sinners, there is no one that is perfect that is here on this Earth. We all have our faults to which some are noticeable, while some are not so obvious. I would rather be a friend and a brother to one who is a sinner than to someone who claims to be perfect and without sin. The only person that is perfect is Jesus Christ.

*  It has been told that good will be known as bad and bad to be known as good. No matter what topic it is, it is evident that is seen no matter where you look. It is sad that is happening, but we can stand up for what is good and for what is bad.

*  God's work will progress and no matter what happens, the truth of God will be sent to the world! Even if Satan tries to stop it, and he will, God's work will always triumph! The righteous and good will always win, while evil and hate will always lose! Stand up for the right and what is true!

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