Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are you spiritual eyes open?

Are your spiritual eyes open?  If they are open that is good, if they are close than open up your eyes. 

When our spirit eyes are open we can see past what the worldly eyes view.  We can see past the outside appearance of others and see their hearts instead.  We can see the amazing nature and beauty of the Earth to which was made for us to enjoy.  We can see the great miracles that happen everyday to us and to our loved ones. 

Even though our worldly eyes may be open and can see everything, we have the option of either closing or opening our spiritual eyes and see what is beyond what our mortal eyes can see.  I know I strive myself to keep my spiritual eyes open and at times as being a human my spiritual eyes may not be open all the way, but I am striving to open my spiritual eyes to see past what the worldly eyes view and be glad within my heart. 

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Kadin Mercer said...

Sometimes I think my spiritual eyes are not open all the time. That I'm human and find fault with someone and am not able to see the spiritual being as they are. That I just see the outside appearance and not the heart. That I may not be the best friend at times to have. I try to see the spiritual aspect at times, but it doesn't always work.