Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Me being unique and good different.

Sorry for all my readers for not doing a posting, since the beginning of the year with my New Years greeting, school has got me busy enough that I don't have free access to write a blog.  I knew that this would eventually happen.  Though I will do postings as usual they probably just won't be as much as in the past.  In the summer I probably will have more postings since I will have more time on hand.
A while ago I did have a posting about me being unique and different and I deleted it.  I deleted that posting for because I felt that at the time it just wasn't what I wanted to post.  After doing some thinking about what I did by deleting that posting I realized I should have kept it up.   For that reason I am writing this post instead. 
I know that I am good weird at times.  That I ask questions that no one else bothers asking.  I only do that to get to know you better.   Even with my jokes can be funny to some people and then disgusting to others.  I try to be funny and enjoy reading you laugh.  I know that I am not like everyone else.  That it what makes me unique and different.  I am glad for the friendships that I have with my friends.  I am glad that the friends that I have to understand me and apologize and still be my friends.  It’s hard when my friend doesn't apologize and they don't want to be my friend anymore. 
I don't expect everyone to like me and I know that is not possible.  There are those who don't like the way I look, the way I act or say things.  If you can't stand my faults and know that I am human just like everyone else on this planet, then I forgive you and sorry that you don't want to be my friend.  I will not change just so you can be my friend.  I will be the way I am and proud of it! 

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