Sunday, February 12, 2012

The wonderful technology of cell phone.

"My cell phone is making a noise, I wonder who is texting me? Oh it’s my good friend, Charlie Brown."
It’s simply amazing of how technology of phones of come in use over the years.  When I was a young child and living in Japan I remember having to have the dial to put my finger in and turn it several times around in a circle.  Though at the time there was nothing called redial, caller ID, and answer machine.  So if I was sick and was at school and wanted to go home I would hope that someone would be at home to come and pick me up.  If they were not at home then they wouldn't know to come pick me up. 
Now we have cell phone which we carry around us in our pockets, purses, brief cases.  They are small and handy and can have a conversation with just about anyone that has access to a telephone.    At times it would be nice to not know where you are at or not to want to talk to anyone, which then you put the ringer on silent or just turn the cell phone off.  Which at times does get annoying when trying to get a hold of them and they are not able to answer the phone. 
Sometimes that is with life.  We sometimes get so wrapped up in talking to each other that we need to sometimes tune out the phone so we can listen to what the Holy Ghost is telling us.  It may be to say that someone needs some help; someone needs to be comforted, etc.  When we then get the response and either call, text or visit that person that we need to help or comfort or whatever that it will make that persons day. 
I am glad to have a cell phone to be able to talk to all my family and friends.  At times they can attest I do not always reply back right away because I at times I have it on silent.  Only because of me working in the environment to where I don't want my cell phone blaring loud.  Also, to get a rest from the world and to think for myself, who do I need to help today?

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